The Fairest Trip Report Of All: 1/7/24

WDW Marathon - I did it!

Hello and welcome back to yet another trip report! Find all the entries in this report here. Onward!

Let’s see, where was I? Oh yes; I had just finished the WDW Marathon. I collected my medals and snacks and such and that was that. Hooray! But also boo, because it was over. šŸ™ But also hooray, because it was great!

And when a race goes great, I now like to celebrate a bit with a post-race beverage. Unfortunately the weather was now just a bit too brisk for my taste now that I no longer had the running part to warm me up, and I didn’t fancy shivering through an entire glass of anything. I figured I could just as easily buy myself champagne later in a temperature-controlled environment.

I wasn’t quite ready to leave just yet, however – Goofy was out greeting finishers, and as a Goofy Challenger I considered it my solemn duty to snag a picture with him. Character lines generally aren’t very long after the race, which is nice.

2024 WDW Marathon - Goofy

Also available? Pleakley from Lilo & Stitch! I’m not sure why, but as I’d never seen him out before I hopped in line. Tragically, the Photopass photographer took exactly ONE photo, and my eyes are closed in it. Curses! Oh well.

WDW Marathon - Pleakley photo op

I’m just so excited I can’t even look at him, y’know?

Finally, I took my I Did It photo in front of the step-and-repeat backdrop. The photographer there told me they also had Goofy paddles at other stations, but by that point I was ready to roll out. I jumped back onto a bus to Pop and that was it.

2024 WDW Marathon - post-race

First order of business upon returning to the room: I hurled myself directly into the shower. Thus cleaned up, I faceplanted into more Gideon’s cake. Post-race breakfast of champions, baby!

While I ate, I popped on the hotel TV and scrolled through my options. Can anyone tell me what Futbol Picante is? Pat and I decided it’s soccer where you have to take a shot of hot sauce every time you make a goal, but we could be wrong.

WDW trip report - Futbol Picante!

What I actually watched was “Friends,” because that is one of my Official Hotel Room Shows (do you guys have these, or is it just me?). After an episode or so, Erika returned triumphant from her own successful marathon experience, and after her own shower, we collectively took a looooong nap.

I was just in the process of waking up when a knock came at the door; it was a Cast Member doing room check, just to make sure we were, y’know, still alive or whatever. We were! And it was round abouts time to get up anyway. We readied ourselves for a celebratory evening and picked up a bus to Disney Springs.

Upon arrival, we swung by Gideon’s Bakehouse first, in the hopes of getting a spot in the virtual queue. I was surprised to discover on a Sunday afternoon that the line was standby only. My mission was specifically the dark coffee cake cookie that is only available after sunset, so I took a chance and decided to return later.

Remember my earlier note about festal champagne? Our location was ideal for this mission, for Gideon’s Bakehouse is right next to Wine Bar George. I figured if anyone would have a quality sparkling wine available, it would be a master sommelier. We applied at the host stand for a space, and were given free rein in the bar area.

We passed a pleasant time at Wine Bar George, during which I once again saw George himself working the restaurant. I want to say I’ve been to this restaurant three times now? Regardless of the number, I can tell you I have seen George there Every. Time. It’s very impressive. Respect.

This was a mini bar crawl, however, not a hang-in, and so after a drink and a snack we bid adieu to George and traipsed across the way to Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar. Here poor Erika did not get to select her own drink. “Anything Goes,” I told her when our server came by. “You want an Anything Goes.” I think she liked it? I sure do!

By this time it was properly dark outside, and I sent Erika off to Uniqlo while I took my destined place in the Gideon’s Bakehouse line. The time passed quickly as there was a band performing at one of the outdoor Raglan Road bars directly opposite, and they played “Whisley in a Jar,” I assume special for me?

So regardless of how long I actually spent in line, it didn’t feel very long, and I was able to secure my cookies. Indeed, while technically you’re only supposed to be able to get two of this flavor, I bonded with the cashier and she let me have four. What a glorious place. What a glorious day!

Having met with success, I scooted over to Uniqlo to meet up with Erika, and we both marched bravely into Sephora. And then marched out again soon after because it was just too crowded in there. Win some, lose some.

There was some discussion of a third bar visit, but we instead decided to grab the bus back to Pop Century because us marathoners were a bit bushed. We made a pit stop in Everything Pop for some coffee and gift shop perusal before heading back to our room, where we indulged in some dumb TV and then went to bed. Another magnificent day in Walt Disney World.

Next time: I finally commit to a souvenir AND fly solo in Epcot! 

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