Art of Animation

The Fairest Trip Report of All: 11/07/14

It’s time for another trip report! Yay! As I have in the past, I’ll be saving our ADRs for a final food review post, but I’ve decided to sprinkle all the Food & Wine Festival stuff into the report itself. Okay, onward! What does one always do the night before leaving for Walt Disney World? If you answered “Sleep poorly,” you are correct! I think I achieved a grand total of four hours of sleep, but I was nevertheless up and ready to roll when my alarm went off at 5AM. I dressed quickly, shoved the last of my...

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Pop Century

In Which Jenn & Moon Run Around the Lake at Pop Century

I mentioned on Tuesday that I don’t generally run outside unless I’m racing or at Disney. Here is the story of one out of two! For our Princess Half Marathon trip, Moon and I were forced by tragic circumstance (*cough* grad school *cough*) to head down to WDW and leave the evening after the race. Naturally it’s better to do your park touring after your running, but what can you do. This did mean, though, that we had time for a little tune-up run before the race, so on Wednesday, after we’d gotten back from our first day in...

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