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The Fairest Trip Report Of All: Dining At Port Orleans Riverside

The trip report proper is over, but we’re not done yet – I’ve still got lots of thoughts, including food reviews and photos! You can see all the posts in this report here. Onward! One of the perks of upgrading to a moderate resort is expanded food options – for the most part, the resorts one tier up have additional bar(s) plus sit-down restaurants. To that end, let’s talk about what kind of food experience you can expect at Port Orleans Riverside. It is… okay. Let’s start with the food court. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that...

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Tiana beignets

The Fairest Trip Report Of All: Boatwright’s Review

The trip report is over, but I still have a couple of posts left in me! In particular, food reviews. If you want to catch up on my Dopey experience, you can read all the posts in this particular trip report here. Ready? Let’s go! Pat and I spent the evening of January 8 at the Animal Kingdom, which as is so often the case in the off season closed at 5PM. This gave us ample time for dinner, so we after dumping our stuff back in our Port Orleans Riverside room, we figured we might as well see if...

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