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Sneakers For Sisyphus: Searching For The Perfect Running Shoe

I have been running in earnest for nearly a decade now, and I still haven’t found my elusive perfect running shoe. Oh, I’ve come close. The Nike Zoom Vomero 10 gave me the perfect-fit Cinderella feels, only to betray me as soon as the 11 hit. I’ve been using the 14s lately and they work well, but I don’t get the same bespoke sensation when I put them on. I used the Brooks Ravenna for literally years, until Brooks modified their stabilization system and it overpowered my one unstable foot. (The other foot is neutral. It’s a real treat.)...

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Running shoes

In Which Jenn Points Out A Glitch In The Running Shoe Matrix

Can we talk about the Brooks Ghost 10 running shoe for a hot second? Specifically THIS Ghost 10, in this color scheme:   I have them (see above). And based on observation, and assuming you are a woman who wears a woman’s shoe, I can only assume you have them too. I have seen them on my home trails.   I have seen them at multiple runDisney races.   I have seen them in frickin’ Runner’s World magazine.   I am familiar with the conceit that once you become aware of something, you start to notice it more often, but I’ve never...

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Picky about shoes

In Which Jenn Tries New Running Shoes

I read an article a couple months ago about how it’s best to have several different pairs of running shoes. As the thinking went, each inpidual shoe affects your foot strike, gait, muscle use, etc. in subtly different ways. Therefore, if you’re on a shoe cycle, you’re less likely to suffer injuries from overuse. I don’t know how much hard scientific data there is to back that theory, but I know I don’t want any more overuse injuries, so I’m trying it! The difference this time: I’m not going to store to be fitted. See, I read another article in Runner’s World stating that some...

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