Disney Wardrobe

It’s A WDW Wardrobe Battle Royale!

I just finished my last WDW trip report, so of course it’s time to go back to Walt Disney World. I KNOW, RIGHT?! I’ve never been to Disney this much in this short a time! And I may never again, so I better enjoy it. One of the ways I enjoy it is by dressing up. Thus it is time once again for my planned trip wardrobe. But this time, there’s a TWIST! What kind of twist, you ask? Read on! (Don’t mind the knee scabs; I had another running tumble. We’ll talk about it next post. Whee!) We...

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FROA on Instagram

Introducing The Fairest Run Of All On Instagram

Lemme rip the bandaid off: after almost eight years, I finally got around to starting an Instagram account expressly for this blog. Under normal circumstances, I despise being late. So this is tough for me. Okay, in my defense, “finally got around to” is not strictly accurate. I’ve been thinking about this for a while. Years, even. I love scrolling through Disney Instagram and looking at all the awesome pictures of awesome people enjoying the parks. And there are tons of accounts doing it. Tons! So many I thought: I’m just a little blog. I can’t compete. It’s already...

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