Moana Hei Hei

We Wish You An Alan Tudyk & A Happy Heihei

“Alan Tudyk is a national treasure,” my friend Bob posted to social media the other day. “You really must see Moana,” I replied. And then Bob sent me this. JUST LIKE I SAID. This is my Christmas present to you all. Watch it when your mother is driving you nuts. Watch it instead of punching your brother in the face. Watch it to drown out your racist uncle’s ranting. Watch it as you curse your family’s sudden but inevitable betrayal. Watch it on loop. Wash went to Julliard. He can help. Happy holidays to all! I’ll see you in...

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Parks and Rec Christmas

The Fairest Week In Review: 12/07

It’s CHRISTMASTIME! I firmly believe the Christmas season begins on November 1, but as this statement often draws jeers from the crowd I wait for Black Friday like all the boring people to begin celebrating. Well, we have arrived – and we have a Christmas tree! I may or may not have jumped up and down a bit while decorating it. (I did.) I also saw Moana with Elizabeth last weekend. I liked it quite a bit, although I would like to make two points: 1) Mulan did it first and 2) somewhere out there in the world exists hours worth...

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