In Which Jenn Marvels At PR Movie Theaters

I’m not gonna lie to you guys – I’m not a Marvel person. I respect the franchise – my nerdy little Star Trek-loving, Disney-obsessing heart could hardly do otherwise – but it doesn’t do a ton for me. I don’t mind if someone puts a Marvel movie on, but I only see them in theaters when Pat asks me to go with him. Which is how I wound up at a showing of Avengers: Endgame last weekend. First of all, can we talk about Puerto Rican movie theater prices? They are shockingly cheap. Admittedly our 12:35pm showing probably qualified for matinee...

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Kill/Refurb/Marry: Disney Partners

It’s Kill/Refurb/Marry time! Today’s blog hop topic is “Disney Partners” otherwise described as “Disney Best Friends.” I’ve put some thought into it and decided upon the following: Kill: Mike, Sully & Boo from Monsters, Inc. I don’t know if you want to argue that Mike & Boo are more of a team or Sully & Boo are more of team or what. All I know is that if Boo is playing for your team, YOU LOSE. Refurb: The Figment Crew from Journey Into Your Imagination at Epcot I was having a little trouble determining which Disney buddy pair I wanted to refurb...

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Tim Curry

Squirtgun To Your Head: Least Favorite Disney Character?

JENN: It’s time for another Squirtgun To Your Head! As we put the figurative gun to the head of a character we don’t like. Yes, the question today is this: Who is your LEAST favorite Disney character? I know mine: Boo from Monsters Inc. SHUT YOUR MOUTH AND GET OUT OF MY FACE I CANNOT STAND BOO. She straight up ruins Monsters Inc. for me. Not even Billy Crystal can save it, and I love me some Billy Crystal. MOON: I haven’t seen Monsters Inc. yet, but I hear thiiiings. JENN: A lot of people love the movie and think Boo is...

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