Iron Chef

In Which Jenn Eats Morimoto Street Food

I’m so sorry, friends. I pulled the old bait-and-switch on you. But don’t take it out of Morimoto Street Food; the fault lies exclusively with me. The afternoon of my Disney Springs adventure I polled the Twitter audience: where should I eat lunch? D-Luxe Burger or Jock Lindsey’s? But before I could determine a winner I found myself suddenly, desperately post-marathon hungry, so I ducked into the first restaurant in my area that piqued my interest. Enter: Morimoto Street Food. I’ve had an eye on this location for some time, but a shinier penny – usually a table-service restaurant – has always...

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Alice food

The Fairest Trip Report Of All: Reviewing Some Of The World’s Sushi

Last post of the mini trip report! I’m covering my quick weekend trip for the WDW Marathon. To read all the posts in this report,click here. And now for the most interesting part of any trip report: a food review. My boyfriend is not a sushi fan, so I don’t end up eating it very often in normal life. Throw me into a solo trip, however, and it’s all sushi all the time! (See exhibit A.) So for my WDW Marathon Weekend Mini-Trip, I had sushi for lunch both days. It was… it was kind of disappointing, actually. First...

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