Happy Friday: What Does It Matter? The Parade’s In The Past!

I just read that since Disneyland has been closed all this time, there will be no Disneyland portion of the Christmas parade during this year’s Disney holiday special. I’d imagine that’s not the only change we’ll see, but at least Tituss Burgess will be there to gently shepherd us through.

Tituss Burgess magic

But this announcement did remind me of yet another song from the seminal sing-along video of my childhood, Disney’s Twelve Days of Christmas: “Here Comes Santa” featuring the Walt Disney World Christmas parade. The nostalgia kinda fills the hole in my heart, y’know?

Alas, I could only find one video of the song, and the quality is TERRIBLE. On the other hand, there’s a pretty good rip of the full video on YouTube. In the immortal words of Liz Lemon: should we just watch it real quick? I think we should. We’ve had a tough year.

(If you’re not down for the full half hour, “Here Comes Santa” starts at 24:23. And while you’re in there, don’t sleep on Hip Hop Noel.” Just trust me.)

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