Thoughts While Watching: Holiday Time at Disneyland, 1962

Walt Disney and Santa at Disneyland

Today I am SO EXCITED to introduce my latest Thoughts While Watching entry. After last year’s more modern Decorating Disney: Holiday Magic post, I’ve been waiting all year to watch Holiday Time at Disneyland with you!

I mean, what can be better? A holiday Wonderful World of Disney! Christmas at Disneyland in 1962, as narrated by Uncle Walt! Dressed up like Charles Dickens! He’s got a top hat and everything! How fun is that? All of it? Is that all the fun there is?

Then we’d better savor it. Stoke a fire, sip some hot chocolate, and get cozy as we watch vintage Disney Christmas magic come to life. C’mon, click play, click play!

22 Thoughts I Had While Watching Holiday Time at Disneyland

1. Gosh, I wonder who that is, deliberately facing away from us? The suspense is killing me!

2. WALT?! Who’d-a thunk it.

3. I mean, of COURSE Walt knows Santa. The merchandise tie-ins alone…

4. I like Ike.

5. “I am going to murder these children” is still a common vibe in Disney parks today! Walt was always ahead of his time.

6. Wait, why is it Easter all the sudden? I like Judy Garland too but let’s try and focus.

7. I’ve never heard the Submarine Voyages referred to as being in “liquid space” before, but I kind of love it.

8. The Shaggy Dog nothin,’ that’s Max from The Little Mermaid! Forget fur characters, let’s get some live dogs back at character meet and greets.

9. I can get behind this Golden Horseshoe float; I always say what Disney parades lack is people getting chairs broken over their heads.

10. If I can’t be an Ink and Paint girl, I would settle for a Submarine Voyage mermaid.

11. Richard Nixon loves mountain climbing!

12. That script transition was terrible. If you prefer dancing cowboys to dancing fake Swiss people, just say so.

13. Never forget that Disney did on-ride videos first.

14. Another thing they did first was, uh, cultural appropriation. Let’s all take a moment to say no, bad, and then breeze on forward, okay?

15. I know the March of the Toy Soldiers when I hear it – it’s parade time!

16. I don’t know what that Scottie dog character is from, but I LOVE him.

17. Oh, this international Christmas parade section is interesting. Kinda like a precursor to holidays at Epcot.

18. Haha, can you imagine parade performers just wandering into the crowd and picking up children today?

19. That’s a pretty good American Santa, but I liked Norway’s version with the goat.

20. Hey, it’s the Candlelight Processional in its native habitat! Is this the first time?

21. I don’t recognize some of the songs; the show must have undergone some changes over the years.

22. Merry Christmas to you too, Walt.

Annnnd it’s over. No thoughts, head empty.

Okay, I wasn’t so much a fan of some of the non-Christmas stuff in the first half, but I think they brought it home with the parade and Candlelight Processional at the end. And Walt in Dickensian getup will always be a treasure. Can we get one of those as a character stop, please?

P.S. I know last time I said we’d do WDW for our next Thoughts, and I failed to deliver. I’m sure you understand, but also I’ll make it up to you next time, promise!

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