20 Thoughts I Had While Watching Decorating Disney: Holiday Magic

Decorating Disney

After another one of my endless trip reports pushed it aside, my Thoughts While Watching series is back and ready to tackle its December entry! We’re going v. thematically appropriate with Decorating Disney: Holiday Magic, which you can find on Disney+ here. Don’t worry, next time around we’ll go vintage again, but I couldn’t resist the easy Christmas cheer.

Fire it up and let’s get to thinking, shall we?

20 Thoughts I had While Watching Decorating Disney: Holiday Magic

1. I know Whoopi Goldberg when I hear her!

2. Wait, is the Grand Floridian Gingerbread house styrofoam or something underneath? That makes sense but I find it oddly disappointing.

3. Whoopi is far and away my favorite Disney presenter. Let’s axe the Houghs and give her ALL the specials! (Okay, keep Derek if you must, but if Julianne doesn’t start toning it tf down then she’s out.)

4. Brb, gotta go check my Disneyland photos to see if the castle had snow on it when I went. (It did!)

5. WORKER: “It’s a highly coordinated effort.” PAT, ARCHITECT: “It’s just construction.” ME: IT’S MAGIC, DAMMIT.

6. I know everyone says this but the only thing I can think while watching them light up Sleeping Beauty Castle is that it’s so friggin’ small.

7. I definitely saw the it’s a small world lights!

8. Now I need a Disneyland boiler suit.

9. You can’t tell me no one has ever gotten hurt moving these tree pieces. Alas, I doubt Disney’s gonna mention it.

10. Hey, that’s the France movie music! Jk, it’s Saint-Saens and can be applied to anything.

11. Wait, is this “rainy day” backstory for it’s a small world legit?

12. I love the notes inside the paper garlands! That’s adorable.

13. Hey, I think we have that exact same rubber mallet.

14. I DESPERATELY want to see Haunted Mansion Holiday! It was already converted back to normal when I went.

15. Do they make Nightmare Before Christmas Tarot deck? Because that would be a killer souvenir.

16. My mom’s name is on the list! I had to rewind to check if she’s been naughty or nice. (It says nice. Whew!)

17. No one seems sure how to pronounce poinsettia and now neither am I.

18. I’m getting strong All That Jazz vibes from this warmup scene. Also, why are they doing it in the street?

19. I’m gonna need a giant ballroom skirt ASAP.

20. Thank you, Whoopi Goldberg! I love you!

Hey, that was actually pretty good – some interesting information, not too cutesy, with the Imagineering front and center. I’m not big on the Disney specials that are essentially a pop variety concert disguised as a park documentary, y’know? I can see breaking this one out while trimming the tree next year.

Once again I say: give Whoopi Goldberg more hosting gigs! She’s the best one!

Whoopi Goldberg hosts Decorating Disney

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