In Which Jenn Is Still Overexcited About runDisney Photos

It’s trip report time again! I love trip reports! I’m recapping my January 2017 trip to WDW for the marathon. You can see all the posts in this report here. Onward!

I am still an annual passholder.

I still get free photo downloads.


Megalomania with a side of slaphappiness ahoy:

Does anyone else have no idea whether to look at their cell phone camera or the photographer’s camera during photo stops?

This concludes my WDW Marathon trip coverage. Thanks for sticking with me – see you for the Dark Side!

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The Fairest Trip Report Of All: The Wine & Dine Half Marathon 2016

Trip report time! I’ll be covering my November 2016 trip. You can read all posts in the trip report here. Onward!

Despite my near panic attack the night before, I woke up exactly with my phone wake-up call. But: NEW PANIC ATTACK. Due to the time change, my bedside clock read 4am, the exact time the buses to the start STOP RUNNING. Okay, no worries – the clock needed changing. I could deal with that. What I could NOT deal with was the fact that my phone said 4am too.

Naturally I freaked out, because as a rule I have found phones to take care of themselves where time changes are concerned. Perilously close to a true tailspin of fear, I did the only thing I could do to quiet my mind: call the front desk. I asked the CM who answered for the time, he was like: Uh, it’s 3:09? I turned my phone off and on and lo and behold, it said 3:09am too. And just like that, the day was saved.

Now decidedly less shaky, I was able to prep for the race with a light heart. I hit the bus line just after 3:30am and arrived at the ESPN Wide World of Sports just before 4.

There wasn’t a ton to do – I made my obligatory bathroom break and then milled around a little. I took up an early position outside of corral D and filed in as soon as I was permitted to take a prime seat at the front. I passed the time by watching some sort of television spot being recorded in corral C.

It was just after 5am when I had a terrible feeling: I needed to pee again. CURSES. I briefly considered just holding it until the end of the race before rejecting this obviously stupid idea in favor of the pragmatic but annoying reality that I needed to give up my front-of-corral position and hit a port-a-potty. The corrals were right next to the start area for this race, so the only option was to go back from whence I came.

Naturally at this late hour it took foreeeeever to power through a bathroom line. Corral A was being sent off as I finished, and as I power-walked back to the corral area I stripped my top layer and affixed my earphones so as to shave off as much prep time as possible. I assumed by that point my corral must’ve moved up, but as I requested entry from a volunteer he told me I was ahead of my group. Rather than send me back, however, this beautiful man let me wait around a minute for corral D to move forward one spot before letting me in. Good sir, I salute you.

Two corrals later and we were off! Being only one week removed from running a full marathon, I wasn’t sure how the race would go, really. Upon starting I found my legs were not what I would call fresh, but they were willing. I plodded along at a steady pace that was nonetheless faster on average than my MCM pace. >.<

Nothing remarkable marked the first few miles of this race. Entering Animal Kingdom and subsequently running through it is of course a major highlight. They had the Tree of Life Awakenings lights going but no animals out that I saw.

Most of the lines for characters were pretty long, but I of course HAD to stop for the Festival of the Lion King stiltwalkers. They were very gracious about my crazed yelling over how much I love their show.

By that point I was out of DAK and running along a rather unremarkable road; this verisimilitude was broken only briefly by a photo op with Meeko, who I haven’t seen much in the parks so I figured what the hell. Then more roads, during which it finally dawned on me: oh, right, the Studios isn’t part of the course during construction. That’s why you’re not there yet!

Now for the high point of my race! I was running toward a turn when I saw a Launchpad McQuack character stop. Should I get a picture? I mused. Pat’s a Ducktales fan, but there’s a line, so…



I have been trying to get a photo with Darkwing Duck for so long. YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW.

Riding my Darkwing high, I stopped for a quick picture with Lilo and Stitch.

Then I took off down the road. And guys, I mean took off. The minor fatigue of earlier somehow faded away. Check these split times:

Clearly I meandered through the first half and more before BEASTING the last few miles. My GPS watch clocked mile 13 at 8:54, which is insane for me under the best of circumstances let alone in the final mile of a half I did not taper properly for. And I DON’T KNOW WHY. The magic of Disney? General delirium? One question remains: WHERE WAS THIS DURING THE MARINE CORPS MARATHON, BODY??????

Anyway, I blasted through the final mile or so before sprinting under the finish with a time of 2:15:22, anywhere from 5 to 10 to even 15 minutes faster than I would’ve expected in a post-marathon context. And that’s with a full four character stops, probably costing me a solid three minutes at least. Hell, during my first W&D Half, I had an extra week of recovery time and came in about five minutes slower. I was pretty thrilled.


Next up: day two in the parks. Let’s get exhausted!

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In Which We Discuss the 2013 Fit for a Princess Expo

Our runDisney obsession began with the – wait for it – MAGICAL adventure that was the 2013 Princess Half Marathon. And because we can’t relive it enough, we wanted to talk about the experience. We’ll be more timely about the next one, we promise!

JENN: You ready to talk Princess Half Marathon 2013?

MOON: Oui oui!

JENN: Let’s start by talking Expo. Given that we’re five months behind (shhhhh! We are TOO relevant!), it’s no secret that due to a conflict the Fit for a Princess Expo took place at Coronado Springs, in the convention areas. Usually it’s in the ESPN Wide World of Sports.

And neither him nor me was ever seen again!

We haven’t been to the Wide World of Sports, but since everyone else on earth seems to corroborate this opinion, I think it’s safe to say it was somewhat oppressively crowded. The packet pick up and t-shirt distribution were fairly quick – we must have showed up at just the right time (which was around 12PM on Thursday, if you’re wondering) – but once we stepped into the vendor areas it was PACKED.

MOON: That was the weird thing. We get there and were directed to a large open space with many booths and barely any people. The Expo was all in one big space, if I remember correctly.

JENN: Yeah, an enormous ballroom with no wall dividers.

MOON: And the actual expo portion had a lot of vendors in a small space. Then add A LOT of runners.

JENN: Then add me, determined to get into the Official Merchandise Tent. Moon, ever the trooper, braved the line with me, which was corralled by masking tape on the floor.

MOON: I found the masking tape amusing, though!

JENN: How long would you say we waited – twenty minutes? Thirty?

MOON: I would say twenty, but I think the reason it was only twenty was because everyone was getting in the store and realizing there wasn’t much left.

JENN: It was like being line for a ride. But no. You were in line to give them more money.

MOON: And then they didn’t have much to buy! 😉

JENN: Moon is absolutely right. Cast members were indeed restocking items as best as they were able, but the hoards inside picked over the merchandise in record time. And to be absolutely honest, I wasn’t entirely thrilled with what I did see.

Look, I’ve got nothing against pink. Or sparkles. I like pink AND sparkles. But I don’t necessarily want a sparkly pale pink t-shirt. (A hot pink t-shirt, on the other hand…) There was really very little on the shelves that didn’t scream I’M A PRETTY PRETTY PRINCESS! To be fair, it was the Princess Half Marathon…

MOON: I would have appreciated a simple tee with the event name and maybe a year?

JENN: Precisely. Now, if you DO like the pale-pink-and-rhinestones thing, more power to you! I just feel there should’ve been a greater variety.

MOON: Hear hear. I mean, we already get a purple running shirt with a giant castle on it. Anything more would be overkill… for me, at least!

You did find a jacket, right? I think it was white?

JENN: Close – it’s black!


JENN: You see I, being the great genius that I am, had managed to forget my hoodie at home. I had usurped an extra of Moon’s for the time being to combat chilly mornings and evenings, but I was bound and determined to find a replacement jacket of some sort.

The super-lightweight zip-up hoodie I did end up getting was the lone example I saw hanging on the rack. It was simple a black and had just the Princess Half logo on the breast and the runDisney logo on the sleeve. I’m very pleased with it and wear it ALL THE TIME. It was a small, and I had been displeased with the tightness of the sleeves in the teal track jacket I had just tried in a small, but by some miracle it fit me. Victory!

Jenn’s Jacket of Subtlety

You know what I want next year?

JENN: A tiara and a scepter? And the wings of an eagle?

MOON: A runDisney head sweat band!

JENN: Ooh, did they have those?

MOON: No. Ha! But it would be just the right amount of ridiculous for me. And it would be functional. And I like to run wearing functional clothing.

JENN: Hmmm. You hear that, runDisney people? Let’s make it happen!

MOON: It would contribute to team spirit, right?

JENN: I’m sad that I missed the cups with the swirly straws. Maybe they’ll have one at the Tinker Bell Half. I also didn’t much care for the Dooney & Burke purses they were selling, but the Tinker Bell version looked much cuter – we’ll see what they offer in January!

MOON: Do you remember the wine glasses?

JENN: Yeah, I pondered one of those. Not sure why I didn’t buy one, actually. I guess because I don’t technically need one. Fun, though!

MOON: Yeah, I thought that was a nice souvenir.

JENN: Ah, well. We were young and naive, then. And a little overwhelmed.

MOON: It’s not like we’re not going to have many more chances for a runDisney haul!

JENN: Haha, no kidding.

Once we escaped the Official Stuff area, we did nose about among the vendors, but it was just so claustrophobic I think we were a bit turned off.

MOON: Yes, agreed. If I recall correctly, I think we browsed some clothing on a sale rack (probably because it was nearest the exit), but didn’t stay too long after leaving the official merchandise spot

JENN: Yup. But! As we were leaving I spotted a pair of footmen posing for photographs in front of a castle backdrop. Jokingly I said to Moon, “Want your picture with some footmen?” Imagine my surprise when she responded with an enthusiastic “YEAH!”

MOON: I think that was the first time since being 4 that I willingly took a picture with a cast member. Of course, we had to wear our hats and I’m sure Jenn would love to share that story with you.
For this trip, Moon and I eschewed the usual baseball cap head attire in favor of sweet, sweet fedoras, because we feel strongly that fedoras are sweet.

MOON: Sweeeeeeeet.

JENN: Totally.

When it came our turn for the picture, one of the footmen said to us, “We were just saying that we like your hats.” So I said, “We do what we can.” The tall one responded thusly: “You do a lot.”

Well done, Mr. Footman. Smooth.

MOON: You can say anything when you’re wearing a powdered wig. And it will be smooooth.

JENN: That’s what Bach always said. And he had a way with the ladies.


JENN: After that we got the hell out. Later we perused the swag bag we were given, which contained:

– A short-sleeved women’s tech shirt in my favorite shade of purple
– A pin with the race logo
– A pink mesh bag, also with the logo
– Our individual and team bibs, plus safety pins for attachment
– A temporary tattoo
– A mini Luna bar
– And the race program

All cute!

MOON: I think I kept the Luna bar, for some reason… As a keepsake, I guess. I probably should have eaten it.

JENN: Ha. You should shellac it for better preservation.

This sums up our Expo-sition. Tune in tomorrow for a race day recap!

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