The Fairest Week In Review: 11/18

MOON: How was your week?

JENN: HA. The beginning part or the end part? The beginning part was awesome – I was still in Walt Disney World. The second half kinda sucked a little. I missed a step on the stairs and busted up my foot pretty bad.

Not only could I not run all week, I was supposed to have a ballet performance on Saturday. I hoped by the time it rolled around I’d be able to at least do one of my dances, but no dice. My friend Lucy was in town to help out with the show, so I threw my costume on her, taught her the steps really quick, and she subbed for me in one dance. The other just didn’t have me. Oh well. What can ya do.

Artist’s rendering.

!! Nothing broken or sprained I hope?

JENN: Nah, I had two physical therapists look at it and the consensus was an irritated tendon. It’s not 100% yet but it’s better. I’m gonna do floor barre at ballet tonight, which is basically the same as regular barre only you do it lying on your back. Maybe by the end of the week I can run a little? I don’t want to push it too fast so we’ll see.

MOON: Awww… I am sorry to hear it! I missed a step this week as well, but I lucked out and was okay. Sometimes they just seem to come out of nowhere.

Well, on the bright side: this happened the week AFTER the Wine and Dine.

JENN: EXACTLY. If I had had to miss the marathon or Wine & Dine I would’ve been CRUSHED.

MOON: Although, I can see yourself wheeling yourself through WDW.

My week was pretty good. Still keeping up with strength and speed training.

JENN: Did you have your 5K yesterday? You should do a post on it!

MOON: Yup! On Sunday I participated in the MMRF (Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation) 5K at the National Harbor! I WILL do a post. But, to be brief: was awesome, but COLD.

JENN: Yay! Looking forward to your report.

I’m a trifle behind on blog posts for the roundup, what with all the WDW-ing that went down last week, but here’s a smattering. Go forth and conquer!

We Run Disney explores the science of dating a marathoner.
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The Disney Hipster blog highlights the signs of New Harambe. They are totally gorgeous and I took a bunch of pictures of them while I was there.

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The Fairest Week In Review: 9/24

JENN: Apologies for the delay in Week In Review-ness! I was in Ocean City for the long weekend and Moon and I were just able to talk today. 
And I know How to Train Your Dragon isn’t Disney but I couldn’t resist
posting this photo of the Toothless kite I saw on Sunday.
Anyway. How’d the whole running thing go last week?

MOON: It was bland, but steady. No remarkable things happened that I can recall (exciting, I know).

JENN: Me too. Well, I did some longer runs which was good. I know I shouldn’t be too reliant on the treadmill but I’ve done more treadmill runs the last week or so and it’s improved my morale. Mind you, still working on the outdoors thing (I ran outside Monday – more on that later this week), but at this point whatever boosts my run-esteem is best! I think I need new sneakers, though.

MOON: Me toooooo.

JENN: I’m debating if I need to go through the whole fitting process again right now. I’ve been experiencing some mild hip soreness of late but I think that’s likely a function of my sneakers being way overdue for replacement. My knees continue to be in good shape and that’s traditionally my problem area.

MOON: I’ve been thinking the same thing because of some shin issues. As much as I hate to think of abandoning my asics…

Any goals for the week? 

JENN: I’m taking it quasi-easy… ish… for the rest of this week as I want to pull out an 18-20 miler next week. Then tapering starts for the Marine Corps Marathon. How ’bout you?

MOON: I’m actually hoping to start organizing a team to do the Race for Research 5K. It’s November 16th and benefits Multiple Myeloma research

JENN: Ooh! If you don’t mind me being crazy-slow because of post half marathon/ballet show fatigue I could potentially do that.

MOON: I have some friends who are not runners who will probably join us, so that’s perfect. 🙂

JENN: Awesome. And speaking of awesome – roundup!

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