The Fairest Trip Report Of All: Drinks & A Snack At Oga’s Cantina

The full trip report is over, but the details still need filling in. Read on for more May 2021 WDW fun!

I think we can all agree by now that a reservation at Oga’s Cantina is an absolute must for every WDW trip. Heck, I’m not even much of a Star Wars gal, and even I think that. It’s still a hot ticket, and I had to fight to get it, but it was well worth the effort. In fact, I’d despite the quieter atmosphere due to COVID restrictions, this time around was even better than the first. And I owe it all to Jason.

Jason was our bartender, and oh, what a wonderful bartender he was. We were seated at the bar itself, which probably helped, but his service was unparalleled. (Oh, and now would be a good time to link you the menu so you can follow along if you want.)

I had preselected drink number one: the Dagobah Slug Slinger. This one comes with tequila, blue curacao, citrus juices, ginger, herbs, and bitters. This was enjoyable but I was a little disappointed with how dominant the fruit flavors were; I would’ve liked a stronger showing from the ginger and herbs. The little plant garnish was a nice touch, though.

Dagobah Slug Slinger

My second drink was where the magic of Jason kicked in. I was hemming and hawing between the Jet Juice or the Outer Rim.  The latter is a delicious bourbon-based cocktail that packs a punch, but the Outer Rim is a margarita by any other name that comes with an AMAZING passion fruit foam on top. What to do, what to do?

Well, let me tell you. Jason knew what to do.

What he did was deliver me a Jet Juice, a glass of ice, and a cup FILLED with passion fruit foam. “Pour the Jet Juice over the ice,” he said, “and then top it with the foam.” That’s right, kids, he combined the two drinks just for me!!

Jet Juice + Outer Rim

Jet Juice + Outer Rim

And it was awesome. Normally I prefer my bourbon on the rocks, not in cocktails, but Jet Juice is definitely an exception. It’s fruity without being too sweet, and the passion fruit foam played surprisingly well with the flavors. That being said, I definitely wound up eating most of it with a spoon. When it was done, Jason even wandered by and refilled it unasked! See what I mean? Five-star service.

If you’ve been to Oga’s, you know they have some rules, one of which is that you can only have two drinks per person. However, I find that it’s very loosely enforced, and sure enough a little while later a different bartender wandered by and asked if we’d like another drink. I felt like another cocktail might be pushing it, but an item from the beer menu had caught my eye, so I ordered that.

Gold Squadron Lager

The beer in question was Blue Point Brewery’s Gold Squadron Lager, and I was after because it was described as featuring the flavors of plum and – wait for it – LAVENDER. You know how I love my floral flavors. I wound up really enjoying this one, too; the lavender flavor wasn’t aggressive, but it was definitely present. It seems you can get this beer at Docking Bay 7 too, so I may need to look into that next time I’m there.

All this drinking required a snack. Pickings are pretty slim when it comes to Oga’s food menu, but the Batuu Bits sounded decent enough so we ordered those. They’re described “crispy galaxy snack bits,” whatever that means. Turned out they were various vegetable chips with a spicy chermoula dipping sauce. I found the whole thing pretty underwhelming, consisting of crunch and salt but not much else in terms of flavor, but I know Becky was pretty into the dip. I wouldn’t discourage you from ordering it but I think I’ll grab a snack pre-Oga’s next time.

Galaxy Bits
Did I mention it’s really dark in there?

The atmosphere was, as noted above, a bit subdued due to COVID restrictions, but our time there was exemplary all the same. I can’t wait to come back when it’s bumpin’ again and we can get all the theatrics alongside the absolutely amazing drinks.

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The Fairest Trip Report Of All: Dinner At Tiffins

The full trip report is over, but the details still need filling in. Read on for more May 2021 WDW fun!

When planning out the advanced dining reservations for our May trip, the first name I threw out was Tiffins. I’ve been to Nomad Lounge, the attached bar space, many a time, but never the restaurant proper. I heard it was kinda expensive but worth it, and luckily Becky was down! Follow along with the menu here.

I must say here, at the outset of my review, that this really is a top-notch restaurant. Although the themes are far removed, the vibe reminded me of California Grill – upscale but friendly. It’s got the same rich explorer’s outpost vibe as Nomad Lounge, plus beautiful sculptural art on the walls plus dim the lights for ~ambience.~

The service is similarly exemplary. Our server Matt was friendly, enthusiastic, and incredibly knowledgeable about the menu. Case in point: the first thing we did was ordered drinks, of course. There was a specialty drink that caught my eye: a mango margarita with ancho chili liqueur. As I have mentioned menu a time before, I have a thing for spicy cocktails… but I ALWAYS get the Hightower Rocks at Nomad Lounge. It’s been my jam for almost five years!

So, what to do? Tried and true or something new? Neither… or rather, both! I hit upon inspiration and asked Matt if he could ask the bartender to make my Hightower Rocks, which for the uninitiated is basically a watermelon margarita by any other name, spicy. He could and he did! Look at this beauty:

Spicy Hightower Rocks

With a jalapeno + watermelon garnish as the topper. Magnificent. And it was magnificent – the inherent sweetness of the watermelon juice played very nicely with the chili, where the spice took a backseat to the fruit but the heat slowly built. I dub this a drink hack and I encourage anyone who also enjoys drinks with a kick to try it.

I seem to vaguely recall the Tiffins used to offer complimentary bread, but we didn’t receive any (not sure if that’s a COVID thing or a permanent change). But that was all right, as we had our eyes on the appetizer menu anyway. Once again we fell prey to the siren call of the charcuterie board.

Tiffins charcuterie board

For some reason this is not listed on the regular menu, but I can assure you it’s a thing! I should’ve written down exactly what was on it as sans menu I can’t recall, but alas, here we are. What I can tell you is that the meats and cheeses provided were very tasty but not particularly memorable. Now, I do remember loving the pickled vegetables, because those are just a thing I’m into, and the focaccia it came with was on point. No more crackers on my charcuterie board from now on! It’s focaccia bread or get out of my face!

As my main entree I selected… tofu. NO WAIT HEAR ME OUT. It’s North African-Spiced Tofu. The tofu is marinated and there’s a tomato chutney and everything! I just really like super flavorful spices as they tend to appear in African and South Asian cooking, and this sounding up my alley, so I took a chance.

Tiffins tofu

Ultimately I wasn’t disappointed – the flavor on this dish was killer. I could straight up drink the sauce it came with. It wasn’t curry, but it kinda reminded me of curry. In the family, if you will. And I freakin’ love curry, so bring it on. The vegetable mix is supposed to include snow peas, but I’m not into those, so the chef gave me double kale and I got a whole mountain of it to dunk in the sauce. Gooooood times.

The only slight letdown? The tofu itself. It’s supposed to be chermoula-marinated, but it didn’t really permeate the block. I wish it’d been a bit firmer, and maybe fried for a nice crisp. Of course, drown anything in that sauce and it becomes delicious. I had a nice glass of wine with it too, which always makes a meal more enjoyable. 😉

During our meal, we overheard Matt tell another table that the Lion King dessert was the best dessert in the entire Animal Kingdom. Well, clearly we needed to get in on that action. It’s described on the menu as caramel mousse, chocolate brownie, and strawberry mango sauce. First and foremost, though, the presentation is absolutely adorable. Where can I get one of those “Remember who you are” plates?

Tiffins Lion King dessert

Tiffins Lion King dessert

As for the taste, it was pretty good, because how can caramel and brownie be bad? But I found the flavors a bit too gentle for my tastes – I would’ve prefer something with a little more punch. It might be the best dessert in DAK from a photography standpoint, but I’d try something else next time.

I don’t know why I always end up ending these reviews on a down note when I 110% enjoyed myself. Tiffins was awesome! The menu here is a bit more adventurous, and I loved the opportunity to try new things, and as I mentioned earlier, the service was excellent. I will definitely be back. I’m thinking next time we do an appetizer and sides bonanza. Who’s in?

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The Fairest Trip Report Of All: Our Disney Springs Bar Crawl

The full trip report is over, but the details still need filling in. Read on for more May 2021 WDW fun!

Guys! Have you ever eschewed an evening in one of the parks in favor of a bar crawl at Disney Springs? Sounds crazy, right? Well YOU SHOULD DO IT. Becky and I did and it was awesome!

I talked about our evening in the general sense in my trip report proper, but I wanted to give the bars in question a well-deserved spotlight. ¡Adelante!

Our first stop, the only one for which we had a reservation, was Wine Bar George. This restaurant has an upscale feel and features carefully curated selections from sommelier George himself. I was there for brunch once before, but this was my first time sampling the evening menu. You can follow along here.

You can’t go to Wine Bar George and not get a glass of wine. Well, you can (I have). But this time around I wanted the proper sommelier-curated experience, so I kept my focus on the wine menu. I was on the hunt for a malbec, since that’s my go-to, but my shiny little mind was drawn in by the novelty of wines on tap. Add a punny name and I’m sold!

Wine Bar George

Which is how I wound up with a glass of Maison Noir Horseshoes and Handgrenades. This wine isn’t currently listed on the menu – I hear George likes to change things up a lot – but I tracked it down in the general interwebs and it’s described as a combination of syrah, cabernet, and merlot. Words like “full-bodied” and “complex” are also bandied about, and I can neither confirm nor deny this. It tasted like a generic albeit pleasant red wine to me, very drinkable but not hugely memorable. I wouldn’t discourage you from ordering it, but if it’s still not on the menu again when you visit I wouldn’t worry about it.

Wine Bar George cheese board

We also shared the artisanal cheese board, which came with what I find increasingly is the usual assortment of cheese – a bleu, something Swiss-y, something manchego-y, and something cheddar-y. These were all tasty because they were cheese. But what I particularly enjoyed were the accompaniments. I was just saying that day I’d always wanted to taste honeycomb, and there it was! It tasted like honey. There was also some jam, blanched almonds, and olives, plus assorted toasted bread and crackers. A serviceable and enjoyable board but nothing mindblowing.

Wine Bar George cheese board

George said goodbye to use on the way out. The man takes his restaurant hosting very seriously.

From Wine Bar George we went right across the way to Jockey Lindsey’s Hangar Bar, a watering hole to which I am no stranger. There was a brief wait for a table, but we got into the Indiana Jones-themed inside room pretty easily. The menu is here if you want it, but I didn’t because I had to get what I always do: The ANYTHING! GOES!!!! (Emphasis mine, if you can believe it.) 

Jock Lindsey Anything Goes

This magnificent, unskippable cocktail is SPICY. I love spicy drinks! But don’t be scared; it’s assertive, the-server-will-warn-you spicy, but not set-your-tastesbuds-on-fire-I-can’t-feel-my-tongue spicy. You know? The Dragon Fire spirit brings the heat, but the lime, passion fruit, and pineapple juices smooth the process. I adore it.

You shouldn’t drink without eating, so we also ordered the medjool date and manchego cheese flatbread. This came with frisee, a balsamic glaze, and most importantly crispy prosciutto. The menu also says onion but I vaguely remember we may have ordered it without? “Vaguely remember” sums up my feelings on this item pretty well. Flatbreads have gotten rather ubiquitous at Disney, and they tend to be similar. Even the prosciutto couldn’t rescue this one from obscurity. Still, I’ll come back again and again for Indy and the Anything Goes!

Jock Lindsey flatbread

Minor spoiler, but we’re saving the best for last here – our final stop was at Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’ restaurant. We had to put our names on a wait list, but it was entirely worth it. It was the only one of the three I’d never been to before, and it turned out to be my favorite! Check the menu here.

Homecomin’ has no more of a theme than Wine Bar George does, but they cultivate completely different vibes. Where Wine Bar George is the kind of fancy that’s right for an anniversary or some such, Homecomin’ has more of a local watering hole feel. Both are good, but I really loved the warm atmosphere at Homecomin.’ The bartenders were all amazing!

The first guy helped guide us through our selections for the moonshine flight. You get to pick three of their house-infused/branded ‘shines  I picked some fruit flavors that were all pleasant though not super strong in their fruit flavors, but let the bartender talk me into a straight moonshine that was I wanna say 100 proof? And as the southerners say: Y’ALL. Like friggin’ GASOLINE. But Becky got one that was even stronger and seemed fine with it, so maybe I’m just weak sauce.


Oh, the moonshine flight also comes with candied pecans and, controversially, a spiced pickle juice shot. I liked the pickle juice! It’s almost sweet gherkin-y, which I dig, and I generally enjoy vinegar-forward flavors. They don’t make you drink it if you’re uneasy though. 😜

Becky wanted a second drink, and consulted another bartender about which of the moonshines on tap to try. This bartender told us she would bring us some samples, and wound up bringing us mini solo cups of ALL the flavors and I love her forever. While we tried them she told us about all the different ways people like to combine them to custom mix a cocktail.

I wasn’t originally planning on a second drink, but I fell in love with the idea of combining the Blue Hooch and Margarita moonshine mixes. The bartender was kind enough to make me a smaller size, and it was totally worth it, all sweet and tart and citrus-y. And look how PRETTY!


With all this moonshine splashing around, we had to order some food. Obviously we had to get an order of the cheddar drop biscuits, and they were everything they ought to be, all soft and cheese-y and buttery. We also got mac and cheese, which I somehow missed taking a photo of? BAD blogger. But I remember they were serviceable. Nothing near as good as the biscuits, but then I’m very picky about what makes truly great mac and cheese.


We considered going to one more bar, but it was getting pretty late and we’d had a lot of moonshine, so we threw in the towel. Which is fine, because it means we have lots of new places still to try! Although I’m probably going to have to go back to Homecomin’ every Disney Springs trip until forever. 

In conclusion: barhopping at Disney Springs is 100% worth the time away from the parks. Do it! Do it!

Or just stay at Homecomin’ the whole evening. Who knows; I may already be there. 🤪

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The Fairest Trip Report Of All: Guac On The Rock At La Cava Del Tequila

The full trip report is over, but the details still need filling in. Read on for more May 2021 WDW fun!

Unlike some of my other new drinking and dining experiences, I was already a huge fun of La Cava del Tequila going into this trip. It’s the site of my first-ever tequila shot and everything!

On this particular (and Cinco de Mayo!) day, La Cava was doing a promotion where if you buy a shot of Dwayne Johnson’s brand of tequila Teremana, he will reimburse you for a serving of guacamole. Would we have bought a shot if not for this offer? Probably not, but look at the marvelous photo op all the little extras created!

Guac on The Rock

And y’know, the tequila was pretty darn good for a vanity project – we sipped it down to about halfway and it was quite smooth. After that we dump the remainder into our margaritas, duh. But I would totally order it in a tequila soda or some such if I saw it at a bar.

Oh, yes, we also got margaritas, of course. I was torn between El Diablo and The Wild One, and asked a Cast Member on the way in if she had an opinion. She answered “The Wild One!” with such conviction that the decision was made.

Guac on The Rock

I regret nothing: the primary ingredients of this margarita are tequila, mango puree, and chili liqueur, and it all worked beautifully. I love me a spicy drink! If you’re intimidated by the black ant salt rim, don’t be; it doesn’t really look like ants on your glass, and the taste is pretty much exclusively salt.

Meanwhile Becky got a blood orange margarita; she let me take a sip and it was exactly what it sounded like, so if you like blood orange you’ll like this. I might consider asking for regular salt instead of the Taijin rim, though; while I’m all about spicy I felt like the Taijin was too strong and overpowered the drink.

Oh, and the promised guacamole? Not bad. It’s obviously not made in house, but for a guac that probably came out of a bag it had a surprising amount of texture and good avocado flavor. The chips were thick and perfect for dipping. I wouldn’t go to La Cava for guac, but I’d certainly add something to an order if I wanted a snack with my drinks.

Guac on The Rock

For awhile there you couldn’t dine inside La Cava proper, but I hear that’s changing. Either way, I am definitely going back for El Diablo!

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The Fairest Trip Report Of All: Lunch At BaseLine Tap House

The full trip report is over, but the details still need filling in. Read on for more May 2021 WDW fun!

Fact: Becky absolutely adores BaseLine Tap House in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. 

Fact: I had never been to BaseLine Tap House.


And while the theming is subtle and the offerings are basic, it didn’t disappoint. Follow along with the menu here.

BaseLine is intended to feel like a California craft brewpub, and while it does offer some wines and cocktails its pride is its rotating collection of beers. Faced with such a selection, I did the only thing I could do and purchased a flight.

Of the beers available at the time, I selected: Golden Road Brewing Hefeweizen, North Coast Scrimshaw Pilsner, North Coast Red Seal, and the Ace Space Blood Orange Hard Cider. Basically the “Not An IPA” collection. 🤣

BaseLine beer flight

The beers were all pleasant but didn’t knock my socks off or otherwise stand out for me; they basically tasted like their category of beer. I quite enjoyed the blood orange cider and could see myself getting a full glass of it if it sticks around. In either case it’s always fun to try a flight!

We also shared a couple snacks. First up is the charcuterie plate (minus the grapes because I HATE AND FEAR grapes and Becky was like, all right, weirdo, I’m not invested enough in grapes to die on this particular hill; I’ll ask for it without grapes). 

Charcuterie board

The board came with a bleu cheese, a goat cheese, and something called “farmstead cheese” which tasted to me kinda like a manchego? The bleu cheese was my favorite but I like strong cheeses. The salami and chorizo were suitably meaty but the chorizo could’ve used some spice. Honestly I think my favorite part might have been the toasted baguettes – they were buttery and not too crisp.

We also got the Bavarian pretzel, a giant soft pretzel that came with beer cheese and spicy mustard. The spicy mustard wasn’t completely my jam, but the beer cheese was pretty good. I just wish it was spiked with a spice or something; I feel like the mellow cheese could use a flavor foil. The pretzel itself was a standard issue soft pretzel, well-baked with a good chewy softness but nothing out of the ordinary.


Normally there’s a smattering of indoor seating, but this was largely done away with during our COVID-era visit. Luckily we were able to snag a table on the patio. The patio very much has a laid-back biergarten vibe. It doesn’t necessarily scream Disney, but it’s a lovely place to take a break from hectic park hustling.

So BaseLine didn’t blow me out of the water with its offerings necessarily, but it’s definitely a great place to hang out and try some beer and I will 100% be back. Oh, to be there now…

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The Fairest Trip Report Of All: Lunch At The Wave

The full trip report is over, but the details still need filling in. Read on for more May 2021 WDW fun!

Our first sit down meal of the the trip was at The Wave, a monorail restaurant in The Contemporary that seems to fly under the radar. Yeah, it’s not elaborately themed or a character meal, and no, it’s not fine dining a la California Grill or Narcoossee’s, but it’s definitely worth a trip out of the culinary wasteland that is the Magic Kingdom at the very least. Let’s dive (PUNS) in, shall we? Follow along with the menu here.

I started my lunch with a cocktail, because that’s how Vacation Jenn rolls. The drink menu at The Wave is pretty expansive – I remember enjoying a craft beer flight way back in 2015 – but it was ultimately the simple Paloma that called to me. 

Paloma at The Wave

The Paloma is kind of like an offshoot margarita: tequila, grapefruit juice, lime, and soda water. Some places cheat with grapefruit soda which in my opinion ruins the flavor balance, making it way too sweet. Luckily The Wave’s Paloma went the juice route and I loved it! Tequila is such an amazing mixer and the whole thing was delightfully tart.

For our meal, Becky and I decided to share a selection of appetizers and an entree, because we are hella smart and know the key to good Disney dining is sharing for the variety. 😁

First up was the seasonal salad, because I like to eat a salad now and then at Disney to pretend I still give a crap about nutrition. But this particular salad sounded really good – goat cheese, strawberries, and candied nuts and such. Ultimately it wasn’t particularly inspired, but the ingredients were all fresh and worth eating. 

Seasonal salad at The Wave

Next up: steamed bao buns! I LOVE bao buns and will legit eat just about anything in them, which in this case was slow-roasted pork belly and spicy Asian slaw. The bao buns at The Wave did not disappoint – they were soft, chewy, simultaneously pillowy and dense… textbook, really. The filling was good too but not quite rich and spicy enough to make a memory mark. If you like bao buns, I recommend them, but if you’re indifferent to this wonderful bread product I might try something else.

Bao buns at The Wave

We were very tempted by the bacon and eggs appetizer to round things out, but as we were already eating some of the pork belly it contained we decided to go in the complete opposite direction with the plant-based option. It was tofu and vegetable tikka masala and I freaking ADORE Indian spices so I was IN. 

Tikka masala at The Wave

I’m not a vegan, but the reason why I often like to sample Disney’s plant-based dishes is that they seem to be more inclined to amp the taste with interesting flavors, in this case coconut and yellow curry. The tofu could’ve been a little crisper, but otherwise the flavor profile was spot on. If you like curry, I don’t think you’d even miss the meat! If you don’t like curry… don’t order this.

The Wave has a calm atmosphere and a classy although arguably not very Disney ambiance. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it for families with young kids or anyone on one of those once-in-a-lifetime trips I hear people take. But if you’re on the monorail line and looking for a decent lunch with an easier reservation to score, I’d say it’s worth a look.

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In Which Jenn Has To Run For Oga’s Cantina

Okay, let’s pretend for a moment you’re me. (I’m sorry.) You are going to Walt Disney World, theoretically and vaccines willing, in April. Your travel buddy is on top of the vast majority of dining reservations, but just to be safe you have been given one, and only one job: secure the ADR for Oga’s Cantina. Mission date: February 16. You put a reminder in your phone and carry on your merry way.

Of course, February 16 arrives. You remember nothing of your assignment. You get up at 5:30am, cheerily slap together your morning’s outfit and provisions, and set out on an 11 mile run. Your bothersome heel is taped up, you’re wearing your newest Brooks Ravennas, and you’re feeling good. 

Until 7:30am,* when the reminder you set all those day ago pops up on your Garmin: Oga’s Cantina ADR. Thirty minutes. You have a little over 2.5 miles to go.

You can do this.

You – not really you; take a deep breath and remember that for you this is strictly a mental exercise – don’t want to blaze it because of that whole left heel thing and you don’t want to risk an injury. But you trudge out your last mileage under mild stress and come screeching into the alley next to your apartment building with scarcely any time to spare.

No problem! You have the My Disney Experience app in your phone and you know how to use it. OR DO YOU? Because you open it up with your thumbprint and tap furiously through to the Oga’s Cantina ADR screen only to discover that it’s not giving you the day you need. Why isn’t it giving you the day you need? Is the app angry?!

You race through the gate and into the elevator to hit up your computer, feverishly checking your email while you’re at it to make sure you’re trying for an ADR on the correct day. You confirm that you are as you slide in front of your laptop and whip through the MDE login screen. Ah, there’s Oga’s Cantina, and there’s the day you wanted!

But wait… the calendar on the website won’t load?!

You hit a hard refresh while you thumb through the MDE app on your phone and discover that while you were logged into the app, you were somehow not logged in ENOUGH, and the app didn’t register the hotel reservation that should open up the extra ten days of ADR openings. You fix this problem and now you can access the correct date. You select 1pm per the agreed upon early afternoon time slot preference. Hooray!

Hold on. It’s not loading? Switch back to the website. Ah, yes, there’s the calendar. Refresh. Okay, 1pm is gone, but there’s 1:20pm. GO THROUGH, DAMMIT!

Okay, back to the app. How about 1:40pm? No? 11:25am on the website? Fine. No, not that either? 2:30pm on the app? 3PM ON THE COMPUTER???

Ah, whew. That one finally went through. You did it! You did it! It’s a bit later than originally intended, but you did it! DJ Rex, save me a seat!!!!!!!


Sit back. It’s over. You’re not me anymore. Sweet.

Hmmm. It’s hard to tell, given how far up Disney’s butt I have crawled over the last 15 years or so, but this might be one of the most inside-baseball blog posts I’ve ever written. But then I suppose you’d have to be pretty inside the baseball yourself to get to the end of such a melodramatic tale. The point is, I got my coveted ADR. Now who’s got a vaccine they’re not using?

*Yes, you’re right – the Disney reservation system opens at 7am. PR doesn’t do daylight savings and is therefore currently 1 hour ahead of… everybody else, basically.

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The Fairest Trip Report Of All: A Food Review Hodgepodge

And now for the food review portion of my 2020 WDW Marathon trip. You can read all the posts in this report here. Onward!

Denouement! Allow me to present a random assortment of foods we ate that didn’t warrant their own post.

Pop Century Food Court: Curious about the new plant-based options, I picked up the new plant-based BBQ burger with sweet potato fries. It was actually pretty good, but a meaty taste that, while not exactly fooling me, was enjoyable. Sort of like a well-done burger. And the avocado on top was a nice touch. But holy crap, could I have taken worse photos??? Sorry, guys, it was the end of the day and I was tired. >D

Cheshire Cafe: I finally got a Cheshire Cat Tail! It was good, too, although not out of the common way – less a chocolate croissant and more a lightly glazed donut with chocolate running through it. The frosting on top was a nice extra shot of sugar. I wouldn’t go out of my way for one but it makes a decent breakfast if you want something lighter and/or don’t feel like waiting in the Starbucks line. Damn, now that I’m posting this photo I kinda want one…

The Mara Bakery: I picked up a plant-based flamingo cake to enjoy after the marathon, which I did indeed do on the balcony and it was awesome. It was very dense and sweet and only lightly chocolate-y, but I very much enjoyed the cinnamon elements of the cake and the frosting was the sort of thick that I personally respond to. Would recommend, although I still need to try that peanut butter brownie…

Choza Margarita: I went with the cucumber margarita, which was good – it didn’t taste like it was from a mix, nor did it have that sugar-y taste crappy margaritas so often sport. It was a little bland, though; I think it could use some jalapeno or something to punch it up. I liked that it came with a cucumber spear.

Les Halles Boulangerie Patisserie: I have not frequented Les Halles nearly as I should, but this was a good first foray. I got the Tartine aux Fromages, and it is completely worth your time: essentially pizza on good bread, it comes with a dollop of goat cheese that totally changes the game. Erika also let me try her Jambon Beurre, which is a ham and cheese sandwich covered with MORE cheese and when is that ever a bad idea?

Ronto Roasters: We got breakfast wraps and they were SO GOOD. I mean, it’s just sausage and eggs and cheese in a pita, but it was all hot and fresh and you should absolutely get one. Don’t let this little droid guy slave away in vain.

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The Fairest Trip Report Of All: Wine Bar George Review

And now for the food review portion of my 2020 WDW Marathon trip. You can read all the posts in this report here. Onward!

See, what happened was, Becky of Disney In Your Day very kindly allowed us to horn in on her Wine Bar George post-half marathon brunch ADR down in the Disney Springs, despite the fact that she had only the internet’s authority that I am a real person. Thanks for accepting me on faith, B-Gees!

Like many restaurants in Disney Springs, Wine Bar George doesn’t have a theme per se, but it does have a nice airy feel with clean lines and lots of wood. The island bar (by which I mean the bar is an island in the center of the room, not to conjure tiki connotations) looks nifty indeed, but with our larger party we were sat at a high top in the corner.

Despite 3/5 of the assembled group having a marathon to run the next day, we were all quite determined to order Alcoholic Beverages. I initially ordered a frose at our server’s suggestion. But then Becky ordered a frozcato, which uses Dole Whip, and when the server offered her a prosecco floater I knew I had to switch to that.

It was good, with a sort of slushy orange-y pineapple taste, but I think if I came back I’d try the frose; I think the frozcato might be just a touch too sweet for my preferences.

For my entree I went with the burrata, which was essentially avocado toast with a giant freakin’ hunk of burrata which, if you’ve never had it, is like a softier, creamier mozzarella. This was AMAZING. The bread was griddled, the avocado perfectly ripe, and the bacon thick cut, all of which combined in a winning open-faced breakfast sandwich. Well, I say combined; if I had one complaint it would be that it’s quite difficult to get a single bite with all the components, but since they’re delicious in smaller combinations it’s no big deal. Perhaps they could add an egg?

Erika got the steak and egg frites plus some breakfast potatoes on the side, all of which she said was good but not bowl-you-over good. Stick with the burrata, I say.

Two funny things happened during our meal – first, Becky’s husband’s order came out a bit later, and was ultimately delivered… by George himself! The waiter confirmed that here’s there five or six times a week.

Secondly, and less exciting for… just about everyone else on earth, but our waiter was from the next town over from where I grew up and went to the same high school as me! Not at the same time, but still. Funny old world and all that.

Ultimately I found brunch at Wine Bar George to be lovely for a quieter, park-free morning. I may just have to swing back through for that frose.

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The Fairest Trip Report Of All: Oga’s Cantina Review

And now for the food review portion of my 2020 WDW Marathon trip. You can read all the posts in this report here. Onward!


As I have mentioned on several occasions, I 1000% prefer to Trek over Wars with my Stars. But I gotta say, even as an inveterate follower of Captains Picard and Janeway,* I freakin’ loved Oga’s Cantina.

* Also: Robert Duncan McNeill, call me!

The very popular flagship bar in Galaxy’s Edge, Oga’s Cantina cultivates an ambiance. The bartenders, while not playing characters per se, definitely have an air of anarchy about them (think Whispering Canyon Cafe, but make it space opera). The set decorations and, of course, DJ Rex all combine to create a strong sense of place, even if you’re not previously familiar with that place.

Slow Pan Video | DJ Rex Video

The drinks are not cheap, but they are delicious. It being early on in our trip and have 39.3 miles to run ahead of us, I had initially planned to get the non-alcoholic blue milk and cookie and call it a day, but I wound up getting totally swept up in the spirit of the thing and got the full two rounds Oga’s rules allot. (Although after our two our server offered us a third, which we declined but it seems the two-drink maximum isn’t hard and fast. Or it’s the anarchy?)

You can find menu photos all over the internet, but
these are the only ones in the world featuring my hands.

Intrigued by a “botanical grapefruit vodka,” I started with the Jedi Mind Trick, which also includes an assortment of juices plus my beloved falernum (or, as Pat and I called it, flrnm). This was pleasantly fruity but just not as interesting as I had hoped from something labeling itself botanical.

Erika’s first drunk was the Punch It! Powerade concoction she deemed entirely too sweet and fully cloying to the point that she was ready for something featuring alcohol. Do skip.

After seeing The Outer Rim across the table, I knew I had to get that next. It’s essentially a margarita but it comes with an exotic fruit puree that is foam by any other name, plus a copious black salt rim. It was kinda like having some slurpy on top of your margarita, which I was into.

In the back there you can see Erika’s Jet Juice, which both the server and a Twitter friend warned us was deceptively strong for its size. And indeed it was! Erika let me try it, and while I’m not generally a huge fan of bourbon cocktails this one was really good. I mean, I’ll sip a whiskey on the rocks, but it usually tastes weird in a mix to me. This one was delightfully balanced, with the chili liqueur cutting the alcohol taste beautifully.

Overall: totally worth it, already have another ADR for my next trip and it hasn’t even been confirmed yet. >D Hooray for Oga’s Cantina!

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