The Fairest Trip Report Of All: Disney Snack Reviews

Alice food

Hello and welcome back to yet another trip report! Alas, today is the penultimate entry in the report: we’re finishing it out with the traditional Disney food reviews. Find all the entries in this report here. Onward!

Bloggers gonna blog – which is why, when you travel to Walt Disney World with one, you know better than to just start eating. You have to take a picture first, obviously. It’s the LAW.

I kid, I kid. Kind of. Mostly. I mean, I’m certainly taking a picture of my food. And then when the time is right, I will dutifully tell you all about it. Let’s go Team Snacktime!

So yeah, what did I eat on my January Goofy Challenge trip? Well…


We kept it pretty chill for our multirace weekend, so we wound up eating quite a few meals at Everything Pop, the food court at Pop Century. Now you have to hear about it! Find all the relevant menus here.

Let’s begin with the best meal of every day, which is, unequivocally, breakfast. Fight me. Normally I’d go with a breakfast sandwich, but as I’ve tried Pop’s breakfast sandwich several times before I elected to switch it up. Erika and I split the waffle bounty platter and the plant-based Mickey frittatas. Because they won’t let you into your room until you’ve eaten something Mickey-shaped, I assume.

Disney food - breakfast at Everything Pop

I’d imagine most of us have had the mini Mickey waffles, and, um, they kinda do live up to the hype. I can’t really explain it, but there’s a subtle depth of flavor beyond standard waffle mix from the store – I guess that’s where the malt comes in? Crispy outside, slightly chewy inside; you must admit, Disney really knows its way around the waffle business.

The plant-based fritatta, on the other hand, was… fine. I just don’t think science has quite cracked the plant-based egg. The texture on this thing was more like an egg-flavored panna cotta, and bland to boot. I shoulda picked up some salt or something. I’ve had some pretty good plant-based snacks at Disney, and this wasn’t inedible or anything, but I wouldn’t recommend it unless it’s your only option.

Tots, sausage, bacon, fruit: all serviceable. No fails, no standouts. I do like those tots though.

Disney food - pasta at Everything Pop

Naturally I got double-rounds of my standard pre-runDisney meal, which is generic pasta with generic marinara and generic meatballs and a generic breadstick. It continues to be a far cry from haute cuisine. You can’t even see haute cuisine from here. However, as a well-portioned carb-up the night before a race, it continues to be my gold standard. Hot tip: grab two parmesan packets from the condiment bar. It’s not great quality cheese, but it helps.

Disney food - Chicken Caesar

We wound up eating lunch a bit late the day before the marathon, and as I anticipated an early dinner I wanted something light. Enter the chicken Caesar salad from the refrigerator case. This was… weirdly good? The dressing was just Ken’s out of a packet, but the romaine was fresh, the parmesan was real, and the chicken was oddly delicious. Salty, juicy, with some grill marks no less. I wound up enjoying this far more than I expected. If you’re after something comparatively healthy and quick, this is your winner.

Disney food - Everything Pop hummus

What you probably don’t want from the refrigerator case is the hummus platter. Now, the hummus itself is actually rather tasty. Unfortunately, it is not packaged apart from any of the other components, meaning everything else – the greens, the cucumber and tomato salad, and, tragically, the pita – is a soggy mess. Points for the pickled onion, but that hummus should really be in a separate container if it’s gonna sit out like that.

Disney food - Everything Pop latte

And because I always like to end on a down note: don’t get the specialty coffee at Everything Pop. Yes, there’s an espresso machine, but no one there seems to know their way around it. Plus the cups are minuscule (“Terrible food! And such small portions!”). Take the Skyliner to the Joffrey’s at Caribbean Beach instead. It’s right by the station and you get a fun little ride!


I got the salted caramel cake, and frankly, I don’t have anything new to say about it: it is huge, and delicious, but the frosting is VERY VERY VERY sweet. However: epiphany! Normally I’m the kinda gal who eats the frosting off the cake and eats the cake, well, not at all. Turns out if you eat the cake and the frosting together, the sugar kinda balances out? Gosh, it’s like you were meant to eat the whole thing together all along!

Disney food - Gideon's Bakehouse cake

Also post-race Gideon’s Bakehouse cake is where it’s at and you should definitely do that.


Remember when I totally shamed anyone who would survey the breadth of World Showcase’s snack offerings and choose to eat in The American Adventure? Good times.

Luckily Liberty Inn is out and Regal Eagle is in, and I am 100% here for it. After a successful Goofy Challenge run, I felt strongly that the best replenishment would be some mac and cheese.

Disney food - Eagle Eagle mac and cheese and pickles

And boy was it! Guys, the mac and cheese at Regal Eagle is good. Hella cheesy, yet never runny. It’s oven-baked, so it has that top-layer, borderline congealed thing I personally really dig. Only a light dusting of breadcrumbs, which what I prefer. I looooove it.

Also? I highly recommend the house-made pickles as your side. I know that’s not as sexy as, say, onion rings, but the pickles are SOOOO good. Unlike the jarred pickles from your grocery store, these don’t get bogged down with weeks upon weeks of vinegar soak. The cucumbers retain their crunch and snap, which just enough of that sour flavor and spice to make it interesting. I love a good pickled vegetable. Plus, now you just ate a vegetable! You’re free from nutritional guidelines for the rest of your Disney day!

Get one of every sauce and dunk your pickles in them. Trust me.


For my last breakfast of the trip, I decided to give the Creperie de Paris to-go window in France a try. My kingdom for something breakfast-themed in a crepe! Alas, I made do with the beschamel, ham, and cheese galette (which as far as I can tell is just a crepe they folded differently).

Disney food - La Creperie de Paris

This was, well, basically exactly what it sounds like. The beschamel is very rich, but even as someone who hates alfredo sauce I didn’t mind it; the saltiness of the ham cut the cream nicely. It was, however, not a particularly complex flavor combination.

I might give the ratatouille galette a try next time. You know, for science. But kids would probably like the ham and cheese version, if you were dumb enough to bring one of those with you. 😜


But – surprise! – we’re not quite done yet. I still have one more Disney food review up my sleeve. Oh, what the heck, I’ll just tell you now: I still need to review our meals during our mini-bar crawl at Disney Springs, as well as drinks at Topolino’s. Come back next week for that! Please? Don’t leave this trip report hanging!

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  1. Ah, you finally discovered the wonderful pairing of actually eating the cake with the icing! 😉 And Regal Eagle is definitely a win – huge improvement for America. I haven’t tried the pickles yet though so I’ll have to give it a go the next time I’m there!

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