The Fairest Trip Report Of All: 1/9/24

Living with the Land Mickey head

Hello and welcome back to yet another trip report! Find all the entries in this report here. Onward!

I did not rush my last day at WDW – while I was up at 7am to join the Cosmic Rewind virtual queue (and snag a Lightning Lane spot too juuuuust in case), I promptly went back to sleep. How you like me now, past me?!

Eventually, though, I did drag myself out of bed, javelin-toss myself into the shower, shot-put the remainder of my things into my luggage, and Olympic-speedwalk it all to the designated Pop Century checkout luggage check. (Which is different from the regular bell services, so keep that in mind.)

Please enjoy the following visual re: how I felt about checking out (left) vs. how I felt about the trip as a whole (right).

An awesome Cast Member having taken care of most of my stuff, I marched on down to the Skyliner. I was a touch concerned about its status as it was what the kids might otherwise refer to as heckin’ windy. Luckily the gondolas were running, and I was swiftly on my way to Epcot.

I tapped in at the International Gateway and ran smack into Gepetto, who was on his way out but graciously agreed to a quick photo with me.

Gepetto in Epcot

After that I took a hard right and headed into France for breakfast. I asked the CM at the register if she preferred the ratatouille or ham beschamel galette; she answered decisively the latter. I sat on a curb to eat my breakfast as I watched the crowds go by, and it was magnificent.

While eating I also had the sense to keep an eye on the queue for Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure, which I was shocked to almost completely inside the building despite the late morning hour. I guess the very windy day was turning people off the parks?

Remy's Ratatouille Adventure sign

Regardless, I made a beeline for the entrance and found myself with a mouse backseat to myself in no more than twenty minutes. The beginning is my favorite part.

As I exited, I was gently dismayed to receive a push notification that Cosmic Rewind was down. Curses! But there was no sense in panicking yet; I resolved to keep an eye on it alongside the time, and carried on with my day.

Instead I hied myself to Living with the Land. But Jenn, you say, you rode that yesterday. I know, I reply, but I needed a redo on recording a video for my nieces. Like I said, this will all make sense in July. Stay tuned!

Criminally underrated, this ride is.

My Cosmic Rewind Lightning Lane window came and went, and the ride was still down. I needed more busywork, so I braved the Starbucks line for some coffee and then headed over to the new Walt statue for photos with my idol. We’re not in a cult, guys. Don’t even worry about it. 😜

Still no Guardians. I popped into the associated gift shop for funsies, then took a spot on a nearby bench. Normally I wouldn’t counsel sitting around waiting for any ride to come back up; there’s no way to know how long it’ll be, and you can make better use of your time. Nevertheless, in my experience Cosmic Rewind always comes back in comparatively decent time – this isn’t a Rise of the Resistance situation we’re dealing with. I was willing to gamble.

Sure enough, in about fifteen minutes or so, the CMs lifted the covers from the tapstyles and Cosmic Rewind was a go! I shot out of my seat and joined a mere handful of people who were similarly right on top of things. I have never experienced a more spacious preshow.

Heck, when the first train pulled up, there weren’t even enough people to fill it. I had a choice: I could take the train providence had sent me immediately, or I could ask to wait for the next train and ride up front. On the one hand, the first train could have the final song I needed to complete all six experiences. On the other hand, so might the second. I was in charge of my own destiny.

I took the chance and asked the CM if I could wait to ride front row, and she absolutely did not care. The next train pulled in. Population: me in the front car; a group in the back car; end of list. We pulled out of the station and I held my breath as I waited for the music to start.

And it was… BLONDIE! “One Way or Another,” the last song I was hunting for! Truly a perfect ride! I even used some of my remaining Disney Visa points to buy a commemorative Cosmic Rewind bag on the way out. It was, you see, a day to remember.

I was tragically running a little low on time, and I considered my options in my remaining hour. I consulted My Disney Experience and saw that the next showing of The American Adventure was in… nine minutes.

Okay. Question of the hour: can I power walk from Cosmic Rewind to the American Adventure in nine minutes?

As it turns out – yes! Yes I can! I literally scooted into the building at showtime, but they were still seating and I was able to traipse into the theater without bothering a soul. I should start challenging people in ECVs to races.

American Adventure statues

After an almost-but-not-quite-jingoistic half hour or so, I exited my adventure and walked the sad and lonely road back to the Skyliner for my return trip to… home. As my gondola was rounding the turning station I received my Cosmic Rewind virtual queue callback – alas, too late. But that was okay! As much as one more go-round would’ve been fun, I had already enjoyed my platonic ideal ride. I was happy.

One other Skyliner anecdote – while traveling through the Riviera station, the CM manning the left side trotted alongside my gondola to congratulate me on my Goofy medal. He told me about a lady he had seen running on Sunday afternoon in her Dopey shirt. She had apparently told him that she preferred to stretch her official 49.3 miles to a nice, even 52. Man! Some people. 😅

This mostly ends my tale, except to say that my flight was delayed by about an hour and half due to – get this – a tornado warning. Sirens went off in the airport and we were all instructed to get away from the windows and everything. It’s all happening in Florida!

I did eventually make it home, though, which is kinda miraculous all things considered. Another successful WDW trip. Another successful race weekend. And another successful trip report!

But wait, there’s more – I do have one additional post up my sleeve. You didn’t think I could complete a trip report without the requisite food reviews, did you?!

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