Marine Corps Marathon

The Fairest Week In Review: 10/17

The fall race season is upon us – and I have a lot coming up. The Marine Corps Marathon is less than two weeks away, followed immediately by (WEEEEE!!!!!) the Two Course Challenge at WDW. I’m easing through Taper Town, trying not to chillax too hard or push too much. It’s a fine row to hoe, whatever the hell that means.  Workout recap ahead: Sunday | ran 13.24 miles outside in 2:20 Last v. long run of the training cycle! Monday | rest Columbus Day off! I took the opportunity to chill. Tuesday | ran 5.3 miles outside in...

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Doctor Who run

In Which Jenn Runs A Conference 5K

Hello from the Dallas-Fort Worth airport and my honking ginormous work laptop! (Seriously. It’s HUGE.) As I mentioned earlier this week, I’ve been at a conference the past couple days. And there was a conference 5K! Features include your very own bib and a waiver acknowledging that if you run, you could die. I’m actually kind of excited about this post, because this is why we blog, right? I woke up the morning of the 5K and I was all NO5:20AMDONOTWANTICOULDDOTHISONATREADMILLLATER but then I thought GETUPYOUMORONTHERE’SABLOGPOSTINTHIS. It was not my first run of the trip – I’d already made good...

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