Kill/Refurb/Marry: Epcot Food & Wine Festival Booths

This month’s Kill/Refurb/Marry is HARD, guys. It’s so hard I almost just skipped it. But apparently participating in this particular blog hop is like Mickey popcorn – once you start, you can’t NOT keep eating going.

Armed with my festival to-eat list, I set out, an intrepid explorer extraordinaire, and determined:

Who would I kill/refurb/marry among the Epcot Food & Wine Festival Booths?

Kill: Refreshment CoolPost/Refreshment Port/Coffee Carts/Any Other Normal Part of Epcot Pretending to be Not a Normal Part of Epcot

You were already here, guys. You have limited-run menus all the time. Stop cluttering up the festival map. YOU ARE NOT SPECIAL.

Refurb: Desserts & Champagne Kiosk

A quick glance at the festival map and instantly I knew this was my refurb pick. I LOVE champagne. But seriously, I LOOOOOVE DESSERT. SUGAR. SUGAR PLEASE. ALL THE SUGAR. If you do not want your sugar, I will not berate you; I will merely relieve you of your sugar. Happy to help!

And yet…

$32 glasses of Dom Perignon? No alts less than $10? Chocolates you can buy at your local store? A single dessert trio with no option to buy individually and frankly nothing that stands out as innovative, unique, or just-plain-drool-worthy? YOU CAN’T FREEZE S’MORES, OKAY???

I want to love you, Desserts & Champagne. I do. But you need a menu overhaul.

Marry: Greece, and by “Greece” I Specifically Mean “Griddled Cheese”

I dunno. I didn’t know what to put here. Lots of kiosks have things that interest me, but what with all the reviews out recently a lot of my opinions have changed. Perhaps it damages my integrity if I admit that I therefore made my decision based not upon the collective offerings of a single kiosk but rather I chose the kiosk that had the item that excites me most.

But guys, I have been dying to try the griddled Greek cheese with honey and pistachios for years. YEARS! It looks amazing, the reviews are, shockingly, all but across the board amazing, and I am SO INCREDIBLY EXCITED that I finally get to eat it.


Heck, I’m SO INCREDIBLY EXCITED that I finally get to attend Epcot’s Food & Wine Festival! BEST TRIP EVER. (Until January’s trip, anyway.)

Honorable Mention: The “MLT” Award (When the Mutton is Nice & Lean)

The real Dread Pirate Roberts has been retired fifteen years and is living like a king in Patagonia.


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In Which Jenn Channels The Dread Pirate Roberts

On Tuesday evening I ran seventeen miles. That’s not the part that will impress you. I mean, they weren’t very fast miles or anything. No, the part that will impress (horrify?) you is that I ran them on the treadmill.

I know, I know – we’ve already discussed the treadmill ad nauseum. I love it, you hate it, and never the twain shall meet. But a couple months ago I offered some treadmill-spicing advice that was pretty well received. Maybe I can make it happen again.

Because I have thought of another way I consistently beat the potential boredom of the treadmill. It’s nothing revolutionary; in fact, I didn’t even invent it. The Dread Pirate Roberts did.

You’ve got to take your mind away.


I can’t remember if the movie version of The Princess Bride mentions this – off the top of my head I want to say it doesn’t – but in the book (GREAT BOOK GO READ IT) there is more detail involved in Westley’s time in the Pit of Despair. He is not immediately strapped to the Machine, but tortured in other small ways, both physical and psychological. (Yes, in this conceit the treadmill is a torture device. Happy now?)

But Westley never feels any of these small tortures, because he, quote, takes his mind away. He is not merely thinking about other things. He is daydreaming SO HARD that he is transported to another place entirely.

And so, when my music isn’t pulling its distraction weight, I take my mind away. I’m not merely thinking about other things – I immerse myself wholly in a daydream. I only dedicate enough of my sense to running to keep myself moving properly. (Seriously, don’t worry; your body knows what it’s doing and will take care of you.) The rest of me is completely elsewhere. A really good daydream can propel me through countless miles.

Anyway, that’s another one of my treadmill-conquering tips. How about you? Do you take yourself away when you run? Where do you go?

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