Disney dresses

In Which Jenn Shows Off More Disney Dresses

Normally I save my Disney Dandy posts for upcoming Disney trip wardrobe reveals, but I am disturbingly low on upcoming Disney trips. I definitely have some planned, but the first isn’t until January if I’m lucky and it feels a bajillion years away. How am I supposed to replenish my mental health from outside Orlando?! Anyway. As I was saying, it’s gonna be a minute before I can share a trip wardrobe post, so let’s just pretend, shall we? I’ve snapped up some sweet second-hand Disney finds in the last year or so and I want to show them off....

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Disney Thredup

In Which Jenn Goes Online Disney Thrifting

Psst. I’m going to tell you a secret. It’s related to being a Disney Dandy. If you aren’t already aware, I am one – I loooove to dress up Disney-style in the parks. Of course, good Disney outfits don’t necessarily come cheap. That’s where my secret comes in.  Enter Thredup.* I’m sure you’ve already heard of it, but just in case: it’s basically an online thrift store. You can send in your clothes for a small profit, and/or you can browse the one-of-a-kind offerings after the fashion of a garage sale. If you’re willing to wear used clothing, you can...

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