Music notes

In Which Jenn Runs To WDW Music

A couple months ago I put together a post of less well known Disney background music to listen to while you work. I’d say we can all agree that the logical next step is a list of less well known Disney background music to listen to while you RUUUUUUN. To be honest, I’ve had mixed success in this area. Main Street has a great soundtrack, but it just doesn’t get my legs moving. Likewise with a lot of BGM. It’s too easy for my mind to wander off… and settle on how much I wish I were done running....

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Disney Christmas

Happy Friday: Christmas In The Air

I always like doing the December Happy Friday post (which is a monthly post of something to make you happy and that’s all!); there are invariably a ton of choices. This year I pondered the possibilities: another wonky Mickey’s Twelve Days of Christmas┬ávideo? Park background music? Maybe go straight off the rails and share Eddie Izzard’s bit about the “Twelve Days of Christmas” carol itself?* Then, at a completely unrelated time and connected to a completely unrelated thought, I was excited that the time had come to listen to my favorite Voices of Liberty holiday clip again. And I...

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Mickey Christmas Carol

Happy Friday: Hip Hop Noel

Hi there! Jenn here. Usually our Happy Friday posts are just something cute and/or silly along the Disney vein, but during this very special time of year I wanted to share a holiday memory. Did anyone else have the Disney’s Twelve Days of Christmas sing-along tape when they were a kid? Man, I LOVED this thing. I remember having this enormous argument with my brother at the end of August over whether or not it was close enough to Christmas to watch it. I was staunchly in the yes category, whereas he insisted on no. Well, I thrust the...

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