In Which Jenn Runs To WDW Music

Music notes

A couple months ago I put together a post of less well known Disney background music to listen to while you work. I’d say we can all agree that the logical next step is a list of less well known Disney background music to listen to while you RUUUUUUN.

To be honest, I’ve had mixed success in this area. Main Street has a great soundtrack, but it just doesn’t get my legs moving. Likewise with a lot of BGM. It’s too easy for my mind to wander off… and settle on how much I wish I were done running. Fireworks soundtracks work better but those are obvious.

But! There are exceptions to this rule. Here are a few of my favorite WDW music clips to bring up when it’s treadmill time. Have you run to…

… Burudika’s cover of Shakira’s “Waka Waka”? Synonymous with Disney for me now.

… one of the spunkier Voices of Liberty performances? I’m extremely partial to their 2015 Fourth of July concert. Not gonna lie: in it for the military song medley.

… the Move It! Shake It! Celebrate It! parade soundtrack? Don’t get me wrong, I do NOT participate in this activity while actually at WDW, but for some reason as a running companion piece it works very well for me. I like the upbeat versions of Disney songs and mindless dance music. There are more recent version on YouTube, but I like this one because the MC of this thing deserves a medal. He manages to keep up the energy without being unbearably cheesy. Still not dancing in real life, though.

BONUS SUGGESTION: If you’ve got 16 seconds to spare, fire up that ol’ gospel choir runDisney race finale!

Do you run to WDW music? What’s your favorite?

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