In Which Jenn Shares a Discount Code for the Color in Motion 5K

I kept meaning to include this in the week in review. Except I didn’t. Obviously. So now it gets its own post!

The people from the Color in Motion 5K sent me this email awhile ago:

Right now, we are offering a special entry price for $30! If you have a friend register using the code “MOREFUN”, then they’ll get that awesome discount and you’ll both get a pair of our basic sunglasses for FREE!

This offer is only valid when they register with the code, so make sure they do! When you come to packet pickup, we’ll hook you both up with a pair of sweet shades.

The more people, the bigger party, so get your friends signed up today. They can register on our website here:

This race is a great alternative for those of you who (like me!) were unable to snag a spot in the Color Run. The concept is… pretty much identical, as far as I can tell – volunteers throw colored powder at the runners until they’re sufficiently tie-dyed. And if they’re offering discounts then hopefully it won’t be crowded! Oh, and they let you order some sweet, sweet knee socks. I LOVE knee socks.

The race itself is on September 14 in DC. As far as I can tell, there’s no deadline for the deal. If you sign up, let me know – and say hi; I’ll be there running right beside you! (Unless I’m behind you.) (Or in front of you.)

But more likely behind you.

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