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Is A Sparkle Athletic Sparkle Squad Membership Worth It?

I’m decidedly NOT a team sports person, but I’m not against joining a team of running individuals, especially if they offer discounts. Did I join Sparkle Squad for the camaraderie or the discounts? Trick question! I joined it for the visor! And the blog post, of course. Anything for a blog post. WHAT IS SPARKLE SQUAD? Right, so, Sparkle Athletic is a small but mighty athletic apparel store geared primarily toward women, although I’m sure they’re happy to sell to anybody who’s angling for a sparkly running skirt or ball cap. You’re almost certainly familiar with them if you’re...

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KT Tape

Q. Who has the most KT Tape?

A. I do! I have the most KT Tape! A couple weeks ago I got an email from KT Tape asking me to fill out a survey, the reward for which would be a 50% discount code. Sold! I knocked that survey out and, the moment my code arrived, I pounced. But there was one conundrum: how much KT Tape should I get? It can be so hard to tell, pains and injuries being the fickle unwanted guests they are. I’ve had some hip muscle pain (possibly IT band related? Oh no, not again*) lately, so I knew I’d...

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30 Rock boring

The Fairest Week In Review: 5/02

Good morning campers! I come bearing good news: I’ve secured another discount code! Remember when I ran the Wrightsville Beach Marathon and got a PR and everything was awesome? Well, you can run it too in 2019! For, like, practically no money by road race standards – right now the race is $65, but you can get $10 off with promo code MARATHONMADNESS10. Of course, you’ll have to train for it and everything. Which brings me to the workout log. Sunday | Parkway Classic, 10.02 miles outside in 1:31 if you believe my GPS Despite a chest cold! Woo! Monday | walked...

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The Fairest Week In Review: 4/11

Ooh, hey! I come to this week in review bearing gifts. Want to run with me in Annapolis on June 2? The people behind the Wayfarer’s Half just sent me a discount code! JourneyMate will net you $10 off the half and/or $5 off the 5k. (Don’t worry, you don’t have to run with me. I mean, I’ll be there, but you don’t have to find me or anything.) Although, who wouldn’t want to run with this clearly very normal person? And on that happy note, let us adjourn to the workout log: Sunday | ran 7.2 miles outside in 1:15 Never...

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30 Rock making it rain

In Which Jenn Corrals More Discounts

Discounts! I have more running-related discounts! I’m thinking of making this a monthly thing. Thoughts? SLS3 is offering their compression foot sleeve for $19.90 – a $20 discount – in exchange for an Amazon review (on the honor system as far as I can tell.). The sleeve is designed to provide arch support and relieve plantar fasciitis if that’s your deal. It comes in different sizes so you can customize your fit. If you’re in my neck of the woods, Groupon has a pretty good deal for The Great Inflatable Race on June 18 in DC – $29.99 for...

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In Which Jenn Wrangles A Bunch Of Discounts

Nothing so impressive as my wildly cheap running shoes, but I’ve collected some deals and steals for ya! First up, a couple from former giveaway sponsors: if you have Target’s Cartwheel app (if you don’t, you SHOULD; it’s awesome), Soapbox Soaps shampoo, conditioner, and bodywash are 35% off. Yowza. Find the deal under the Beauty category, add it to your barcode, have the cashier scan it at check out, and there you are! Bonus: while at Target yesterday I spotted a hot pink running belt in the $1-$5 section (usually near the entrance; the upstairs entrance at my location) for...

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Running shoes

In Which Jenn Gets An Awesome Deal On Running Shoes

Hi, my name is Jenn, and I just got myself a brand new pair of Brooks Ravenna 6 running shoes, normally $110, for $56. I KNOW! I was psyched too! Pretty! But not the all time prettiest. How did I accomplish such an amazing feat? Well, Brooks recently came out with their Ravenna 7, so they’re unloading all their old 6 inventory. I definitely want to try the 7s eventually, but the 6s work fine and older shoe models go for much cheaper. For example, Brooks was selling its Ravenna 6s for $70. A good deal to be sure....

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In Which Jenn Shares a Discount Code for the Color in Motion 5K

I kept meaning to include this in the week in review. Except I didn’t. Obviously. So now it gets its own post! The people from the Color in Motion 5K sent me this email awhile ago: Right now, we are offering a special entry price for $30! If you have a friend register using the code “MOREFUN”, then they’ll get that awesome discount and you’ll both get a pair of our basic sunglasses for FREE! This offer is only valid when they register with the code, so make sure they do! When you come to packet pickup, we’ll hook...

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