A Tale of Two Tequila Shots

La Cava

Please join me once again in welcoming the amazing, death-defying Elizabeth as my special guest!

JENN: So, tequila. Walt Disney World. Walt Disney World. Tequila. I think the connection is obvious.

ELIZABETH: And the first time you chickened out!

JENN: This is true. Let the record show that Elizabeth is twice the man I am.

ELIZABETH: It was a good place to have a first tequila shot, though.

JENN: And it was in La Cava del Tequila in Mexico, of course. So that was your first one?

ELIZABETH: Yep! I’d had margaritas, but nothing with straight tequila.

JENN:  I seem to recall we were at one of the hightop tables in the middle of the bar. Which means it must have been early afternoon, because one does not simply walk into La Cava del Tequila in the evening.

ELIZABETH: Hmmm, yes, it definitely wasn’t crowded when we were there.

Tequila at La Cava
We must savor the memory of this table;
we may never get one again.

JENN: I believe a waitress helped you pick your tequila?

Yeah – if I remember correctly she was FROM Tequila. I remember because i hadn’t realized it was a place.

JENN: Ha, nice! I didn’t remember that! You went for the half shot, yes?

ELIZABETH: Yeah, which was probably good. They had to show me how to do everything in the right order.

JENN: Ummmm… salt, tequila, lime wedge?

ELIZABETH: I think that’s right. (I don’t do those shots very often…)

JENN: And then they also gave you a shot of tomato juice or something for after that.

ELIZABETH: Yeah! It was the chaser. It was tomato juice with I think something else in it. It tasted like V8. They brought it all out on a little board.

JENN: And you took it like a champ!

ELIZABETH: Luckily I had splurged on a mid-range tequila, which meant it was pretty smooth. And I normally hate V8, but I remember it didn’t taste bad after the shot.

Tequila at La Cava
Liz Lime!

JENN: Elizabeth never let me forget the fact that I chickened out of my first tequila shot. When we went again together a year or two later it was our mission to go back and do it right! And by “do it right” I mean “do it with me participating.”

ELIZABETH: Yes! Much more fun when you can take a shot with someone else! Though it was really crowded that time.

JENN: Yeah, we ended up kinda smooshed on the far end of the bar. Despite our rather out-of-the-way location, the bartender was rather interested when we asked for advice.

ELIZABETH: Yeah, the bartenders were extremely good about explaining what shots we should have that wouldn’t make us feel like we’d just drunk gasoline. They all seemed to enjoy telling us which were the best tequilas!

JENN: He started explaining what it meant for a tequila to be añejo or… the other two that are older… Reposada?

ELIZABETH: I don’t remember the names… But yeah, I can’t remember what we drank to, but I think we got some pretty decent stuff for the shots.

JENN: No, wait. Añejo IS old. Man, serious high school Spanish fail! Wikipedia is giving me a a bunch of kinds, but I remember the tequila menu being divided into three parts, based on how long it’s been aged.  I want to say the options were blanco, reposado, and añejo, but I could be getting that wrong.

Anyway. The bartender guided us to a mid-price reposado, saying it would be smoother than a blanco without costing us ALL the money. Which meant that it was pretty good! It had a distinctive, almost tangy flavor. Sharp and assertive, I’d say. Which sounds kind of like I’m trying to describe wine, but I’d say the same basic principles apply.

ELIZABETH: It didn’t have much of the horrible aftertaste that i find a lot of liquor has. At least, most cheap liquor. And I tend to get sick from shots, so if i say it’s good, that actually means something!

JENN: I still find it wildly amusing that our very first tequila shots were furnished by Walt Disney World.

ELIZABETH: 😀 Probably the safest place to venture there…

JENN: Frankly, though, I’m not sure how soon I’ll be getting another shot at La Cava, seeing as how there are still a bunch of delicious margarita flavors I have yet to try. Rimmed by chili salt! CHILI SALT.



ELIZABETH: Do they have Coronaritas there? I kind of want one…

JENN: Haha, no idea. I know they just introduced a new line of Mexican beers. Who knows what the future might bring?

ELIZABETH: Untold wonders!

Thanks to Elizabeth for once again filling in while Moon is out of commission! You are of the sauce that is awesome.

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