The Fairest Week in Review: 9/2

Mickey running

I just completed my first outdoor run in… forever. More on that later this week, but needless to say, I am tiiiired.

On that note: happy Labor Day! I hope you’re thoroughly enjoying your day off. Also, I hope you have a day off! And CONGRATULATIONS to everyone who finished the Disneyland Half, 10K, 5K, etc. over the weekend!

Last week was something of a back-to-basics training week for me. I didn’t do any really long runs, instead logging three eleven milers. It’s been pretty hot and humid here, and even at steady, baseline speeds I ended each drenched in sweat. This from a girl who has run around Walt Disney World in August and thought little more than “Hmm, it’s a tad hot.” I never, never, NEVER though I’d say this, but I’m ready for summer to GTFO in favor of the crisp, runner-friendly weather of fall.

Man. And here I thought my allegiance to warm weather would never cease. THIS SPORT CHANGES YOU.

Musically, I am not ashamed to admit that I’ve been listening to Macklemore’s “Thrift Shop” repeatedly during runs. What? It’s got a good beat! Also I, too, am gonna take your grandpa’s style.

Y’know what else I’m gonna take? YOUR LINKS:

Feet Dominating Pavement tells you how to master the treadmill, dear friend of mine that it is.
Running at Disney offers advice on packing for race weekends.
We Run Disney made an awesome video on how they assembled their Disneyland Half costumes.
Pumpkin to Princess talks pre-race breakfast.
Never Enough Disney is celebrating a racerversary!
Pink Elephant on Parade has put together a rockin’ party playlist for your running pleasure.
Fairytales and Fitness weighs in: should you run in your race shirt?

Oh, and did I mention? 93 DAYS TO WALT DISNEY WORLD!!!!

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