The Fairest Week In Review: 2/11

Li Shang

Hokay. So. Here’s the earth.

No, wait. That’s not right. Let me start again.

Hokay. So. Just Jenn here today again. Moon and I spent the past weekend at a bachelorette party and, while I can very much assure you it was not as raucous as you might be imagining in your head, Moon is still catching up on her sleep. We went go-karting and ice skating and barhopping and that kinda thing takes a lot out of a girl, y’know?

But first: bank robbing.
(Just kidding; they made us wear those under our helmets
at the go-kart place.)

I did manage to ask her how her running went this week. She said: “Terrible. But I have high hopes for this week – it’s going to be a beast.” And so it shall no doubt come to pass.

As for me, I missed my Sunday run because I was on the bus back from NYC. I made up for it with a 16 miler on Tuesday, which went well until my knee started to give out. I was still able to finish out my runs for the week, but I’ve been babying the knee ever since. Good news: it seems to be recovering nicely.

It’s going to be a good week on the blog, on think – we’re finishing up our Disneyland trip report, for one thing. Be sure to check back. And in the meantime: roundup!

Running Toward the Prize considers the Dopey Challenge.
Mom’s Magical Miles discusses a first visit to Disneyland. (We will have our own thoughts on this soon!)
A Pinch of Pixie Dust highlights the Earl of Sandwich’s BROWNIE CREME BROWNIE CREME BROWNIE CREME BROWNIE CREME.
Prairie Princess Runners have wise words on how running impacts our lives.
The DisBroads talk about running fuel.
The Disney Hipsters rightly point out that THIS IS AWESOME.
– Speaking of things that are awesome, The Disney Food Blog has a collection of Disney-themed cocktails.
MousePlanet offers a runDisney expo comparison.

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