In Which Jenn Regroups With A New Goal


For awhile, there was the small but real possibility that I might be able to move to Orlando. Last week that hope was dashed.

So – what does one do in the wake of such a disappointment? Regroup, of course! First, I must remind myself that as much as I would die for year-round warmth and Walt Disney World proximity, there are good things about staying where I am. I like my current job. Moving is hard, especially over long distances. My friends are here (and are hereby not allowed to move anywhere without my permission). And, ever irreplaceable, my wonderful ballet studio community is here.

Therefore I am throwing myself into a new and different goal. My ballet teacher has asked all of us in the senior performance group to select and learn a variation (or brief solo piece). After some deliberation, I have selected the following:

I’m pretty strong en pointe – I mean, for an amateur anyway – and Ashton’s choreography is more artistic than technically difficult; I love the arms throughout. And who can say no to a score composed by Prokofiev? NO ONE CAN SAY NO TO PROKOFIEV. (Except for Soviet-era government officials but that’s something else entirely).

Anyway. Yeah. I shall erase past disappointments with a new triumph. And since everyone knows that personal blogs primarily exist for accountability, I can hardly not triumph. In May, I shall be the summer fairy from Cinderella. OR ELSE.

How do you erase past disappointments?

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  1. If you can't be in a hot climate, be the summer fairy and MAKE IT HOT. I have faith in you and I think if your mom is anything like mine she's probably secretly super happy you're staying in the same state.

  2. I'm sorry you don't get to move to Orlando (I seriously debate moving to Florida EVERY year) but ummm, I'm uber jealous you can even do this dance! After the 3rd sprained ankle, I had to call it quit from pointe and I'm just always mesmerized watching it! Can't wait to hear about your Summer Fairy performance!

  3. lol done! My pondering is usually right before I get on the plane back to NY…and pretty much EVERY DAY OF THIS NEVER ENDING WINTER!!!!

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