In Which Jenn’s Disney Loyalties Are Tested

The rather mundane element is this: I am going to a conference in August. This is my fourth year attending said conference, and while it is not without elements of fun (or not; I’m looking at you, San Francisco), the trip is not in and of itself something to get all worked up over. Only the exciting element is this: this year it’s in… wait for it… ORLANDO, FLORIDA. I’m not so lucky that the conference is on Disney property, and I’ll of course spend most of my time at, y’know, the actual conference, but still – there will...

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In Which Jenn Regroups With A New Goal

For awhile, there was the small but real possibility that I might be able to move to Orlando. Last week that hope was dashed. So – what does one do in the wake of such a disappointment? Regroup, of course! First, I must remind myself that as much as I would die for year-round warmth and Walt Disney World proximity, there are good things about staying where I am. I like my current job. Moving is hard, especially over long distances. My friends are here (and are hereby not allowed to move anywhere without my permission). And, ever irreplaceable,...

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