The Fairest Week In Review: 5/13

Scrubs screaming

MOON: How was your weekend?

JENN: Crazy. I was tasked with taking care of my grandmother on Mother’s Day. I pulled up to the house to discover an ambulance in the driveway and a fire engine on the curb. Turns out she’d fallen, been incapacitated, and used her Life Alert.

MOON: Oh, no!

JENN: She repeatedly refused to go to the hospital, so the paramedics had her sign something to that effect, then they had ME sign something as witness that she didn’t want to go to the hospital, and then they left.

But she was clearly out of it all day, and eventually my aunt came over and decided that she needed to go to the hospital after all. So we called 911 and another set of paramedics showed up and carted her off.

Meanwhile, my parents were in NJ visiting my other grandmother, so they cut that short and turned around and met me at my grandmother’s house where I had stayed because, oh yeah, my dad had left his dog there for the day. We all trotted off to the hospital where we took turns watching the dog and visiting.

As a small consolation, he’s a very cute dog.

MOON: It’s probably best she was looked at, especially if you could notice she wasn’t herself afterward. How is she now?

JENN: You’re right, she’s all right now – she was dehydrated and had a minor infection and all that jazz, but she perked up with some fluids. It all turned out okay, but my God was that an exhausting day. I’ve played host to paramedics before, but never two separate sets within 24 hours.

MOON: I’m glad she’s doing better. Also glad you made it out all right. Hospital related situations are always exhausting.

JENN: Good times.

So how’s the whole running thing going?

MOON: Well, I ran ONE mile.

JENN: And what a lucky mile!

MOON: I’ve been doing other cardio exercises lately, but this week I am ready to get back into running.

JENN: Yay! Should be fun. I feel pretty good after my hiatus. Not stellar, but not bad. Had some decent runs. Even the one where I accidentally put my KT Tape on the wrong knee. Hopefully a warm up for an awesome week this week!

MOON: Yeah! I hope so, too!

JENN: Anything else interesting to report?

MOON: Well, I suppose I am working on getting ready to disclose details about our trip to Israel. Annnnnd wedding pictures. To the readers: there are many Jenn gems.

JENN: … Oh, good.

MOON: Photos forthcoming!

JENN: Haha, something to look forward to!

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