In Which Jenn Continues Marathon Prep

Doctor Who run

Not that I’m obsessing or anything, but did I mention that the Marine Corps Marathon is this Sunday? And that it’s my first marathon ever? I’m totally not freaking out at all. Not remotely. Nope.

Anyway. Like last week, I’d like to take this opportunity to reach out to readers for advice so that I can blame you if anything goes wrong. Below is a listing of everything I will be bringing with me. Am I missing something? WHAT IS IT? Should I leave anything at home? WHAT IS IT???

  • Phone & headphones for music purposes

  • Vitacoco sports drink, to be consumed before the start (and pre-race bathroom break)

  • 2 packs of Clif Shot Bloks, one of which will come with me (and the other of which maybe Nicole can deliver to me halfway through? Hi Nicole du Lancret! We should coordinate!) (Is that enough? Should I bring more fuel? There are a couple fuel stops, right?)

  • Armband for Shot Bloks and/or ID and SmarTrip card

  • Throwaway long-sleeved shirt and potentially sweat pants depending on the temperature

  • Vaseline, to be slathered anywhere chafing has ever occurred or could potentially occur

  • Bib, because not wearing my bib would be a problem

I’m also going to bring a sweatshirt to leave either with the aforementioned wunderkind Nicole or my boyfriend if he can come. I bet I’ll be cold post-race.

The week thus far has been TERRIBLE (non-running related), but that only means that things have to start looking up, right? That means I’ll have a fantastic race, right?

Great. Thank you, imaginary Greek chorus in my brain that always agrees with me. Good work all around.

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  1. Your fuel supply sounds small to me, but you should go with what has worked during your long runs. I use GU gels because they do not upset my stomach. Be sure to pack a couple warm items in your check bag so you won't be cold after the race. I also plan to bring an old race cape to wrap around my legs before the start. I don't have any throwaway sweatpants.

  2. How much do you eat on your training runs? I usually go through three packages of Shot Bloks during a twenty miler, so I'll have four for the full marathon. BTW, what's your pace? If you're in the slowpoke corrals, I'll look for you!

  3. I went through two packs during my 20 miler, but I'll have 6 more miles to go so three packs probably IS a good idea.

    I was thinking of lining up in a 10:30 or 11 minute pace group? I'm not sure how specific they get. But I'd rather err on the side of starting slow and speeding up later rather than getting all ambitious and conking out at the end.

  4. I am so confident about your ability to rock this race, I would place a bet in Vegas if they were giving odds (which they wouldn't because they know they would lose all their money because you are going to ROCK THIS THING!)

  5. I have all the confidence on the planet that you will make this marathon your bitch. I asked Wonder Mutt if she thought you would rock it and she proceeded to run three times in a circle, spit her stuffed leopard at me, and belly flop in full frog butt position with tail a-wagging. I think that's means you're good. Either that or she had gas. GO GET'EM GIRL!!!

  6. If the corrals are set up the way I sort of remember from last year, it's done by marathon finish time, but I can't remember the increments – maybe 30-60 minutes per corral?

    I'll probably go slower than that the first 2-3 miles (crowds and that first hill), then pick it up from there, so I'll start in/around the 5 hour mark corral. I don't mind being passed at the beginning, since I hope to be doing a little passing later on.

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