In Which Jenn Preps for the Marine Corps Marathon

Marine Corps Marathon

Um… guys? The Marine Corps Marathon is in ten days.

Side note: this would make a great spectator sign.

Soooo… here’s what we’re gonna do. I’m gonna list out my planned prep work for the week before the race, and you’re going to respond with your opinions and experiences, okay? Okay!

  • Assuming all my various sometimes-failing body parts don’t rebel (LOOKING AT YOU, HIPS AND KNEES), I’m going to do an 8 miler on Sunday or Monday and a 6 miler on Tuesday. In the PLEASE GOD NO instance of rebellion, I’ll walk it.

  • WHAT ABOUT THURSDAY? I was thinking a 3 mile run. But should I just take a brisk walk? Should I move it to Wednesday? SHOULD I MOVE IT TO FRIDAY? (If no one tells me what to do, I’ll probably do the Thursday 3 miler.)

  • Planned meals for the week leading up to the race: salad with chicken breast and sweet potato for my lunches, garlic toast and scrambled eggs with spinach for my dinners. Don’t worry, I can totally eat the same thing every day for a week, provided that thing is AWESOME. And this is good nutrition, right? Carbs and protein and stuff? RIGHT?

  • As for liquids, I’ve purchased a Vitacoco sports drink for EVERY DAY the week leading up to the race. SODIUM AND ELECTROLYTES. Plus of course pounding all the water and tea I can manage.


Whaddya think? I’d love a little advice so I can calm my nerves with a solid plan of action! But of course I recognize that everyone is different.

This would make a pretty random spectator sign, but I’d still laugh.

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  1. Be in bed by 9 pm. Get lots of sleep, NO NIGHT OWL CRAP. In fact, you know what, just go to sleep now and wake up next Sunday.

  2. I say take it easy this week. I did my 10 miler on Sunday as my last long run. This week I have a 4 miles @ tempo pace (Tuesday), 3 miles (Thursday), and 3 miles (Saturday). No turning back now.
    All you have to do is beat the bridge and it is all good. Georgetown cupcakes for everyone!

  3. Remember that you won't sleep well on Saturday night, so starting Thursday at the latest, make sure you're getting solid sleep. If you have your outfit planned out, make sure you have stuff to keep warm before the race, thrown away sweats, plastic bags, gloves. I'm planning to run Tuesday and Thursday – 4-5 miles each day, and maybe a short mile or two on Saturday to shake out the nerves.

    You can have my cupcake – I'm running for the grilled mac and cheese sandwich at Sona in SE DC!

  4. You have no idea – but I only allow myself after a REALLY long run. Sona Creamery on Pennsylvania Ave between 6th and 7th Sts SE.

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