The Fairest Week In Review: 10/14

Riker runs

JENN: So how was your training this week?

MOON: It went really well! Strength training is surprisingly working out (har har…).

JENN: Yay! Distance? Speed? Both?

MOON: Both! AND I can do some sweet ab work. I’ve never had this kind of tone before, I’m pretty excited!

JENN: Awesome! You’re way more patient than I am – I usually just do whatever happens in ballet class.

MOON: Well, perhaps if I went to ballet I would already be toned. 😛

JENN: Psh.

MOON: How was your week?

JENN: Ehhhh. I was almost done with my last run of the week when I suddenly started experiencing stabbing hip pain – in the OPPOSITE hip from the one that’s been mildly bugging me the past couple weeks. Needless to say, I’ve been replacing runs with long walks for the last few days.

MOON: Oh, no!

JENN: I’m a little nervous about undertraining for the Marine Corps Marathon in two weeks, but I think it’s probably better I rest the hip. I’ll try running again on Wednesday or Thursday, I think. Probably Thursday, for safety.

MOON: Maybe weird weight distribution when switching between indoor/outdoor?

JENN: Maybe – but I’ve been using the treadmill for the last three weeks or so. It’s too dark outside in the mornings now.

MOON: You should definitely not push it. It’ll be much worse if you get to race day and can’t manage running.

JENN: I think it’ll be okay – there’s still time to recover. I just need to be super cautious.

MOON: Hmm. Skeletal and muscular things usually take a while to heal. Be careful!

JENN: I will!

MOON: Have you been running in new shoes?

JENN: Yup, but they’re the same model I’ve used before. They got me through my twenty miler just fine.


MOON: Oh, good. Just checking to make sure you’re not doing prep work in old shoes.

JENN: Don’t worry, they’re almost brand new. And speaking of brand new, have some brand new posts in the roundup.

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  1. I totally ran a half on Sunday in new shoes (the same size/style I've been wearing for years) and I now have approximately 1 million blisters. I know racing in new shoes is a no-no but I got overconfident and I AM PAYING FOR IT WITH PAIN. Luckily my muscle soreness is distracting me from the blister pain. I'M GLAD YOU WERE LUCKIER THAN ME!

  2. Rest woman! You're in taper town! You hit your 20 miler, you're good! Don't push yourself and risk injury!

    (like how I'm giving marathon advice with absolutely zero marathon experience?)

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