The Fairest Week In Review: 1/27

Running shoes

JENN: How’s your training lately?

MOON: It’s been good! I actually have news.


MOON: So, I’ve been alternating between running one day, doing something else the next day for a few weeks. This is because I have been having pain in my legs. For some reason, even though I am not tired, it was hard for me to run two days in a row.

Well, I updated my shoes. Was planning on just trying out the fit of a few a buying later, but you know how that goes. Because I bought shoes, I got a discount on socks, so I bought a pair of compression sleeves.

JENN: It’s hard not to get swept up in sneaker excitement.

MOON: Ha, Christian got a pair, too! He found some asics that fit well. 😀 No more bleeding toes!

Back to the sleeves– they are great! I had no pain the next day! I’m actually really excited to go running today.

JENN: Yay! New gear is always a huge motivator for me.

MOON: I know, I often feel guilty about it…At the same time, at least my hobby is healthy and it supports a community of runners, riiiight?

JENN: Absolutely!

MOON: That might be reaching a little bit, ha! How was your week?

JENN: Fine – busy, but fine. Moving this week made things a little difficult and I had to do some of my runs in the early morning before work which I HATE, but I got in three and that’s okay for now.

The view from my new balcony. What up, NIH?

I guess I’m arguably still in Dopey recovery mode so there’s no need to push it?

MOON: Absolutely not. I find that after a break I run better, anyway!

JENN: Which reminds me – have you chosen your next runDisney race yet? 😀

MOON: Haha, it’s only been about 15 hours since you last asked me! I’m leaning on a January/February race, though.

JENN: We could maybe do the Princess again? The course for the WDW Half is exactly the same but it kinda gets overshadowed by the marathon/Goofy/Dopey, by my way of thinking.

MOON: November is a big month for some interview and academic stuff, so I should probably keep that open. Princess was fun!

JENN: Things to ponder. ^_^ I’ll keep an eye on registration deadlines!

MOON: Awesome!

JENN: Whew, okay. Time for the first roundup of the new year – much backlog!

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