In Which Jenn Makes This Year’s F&W Festival To-Eat List


What am I so darn excited about? THE MENU ANNOUNCEMENT FOR THIS YEAR’S EPCOT FOOD & WINE FESTIVAL, DUH. Naturally the moment it was released I set about writing the sequel to last year’s to-eat list. Let’s get ready to rumble! And by rumble I mean salivate.

Key: + means I ate it last year and liked it enough to add it to the list again. – means it was on the list last year but I never got around to trying it.

Country Item Notes
Australia Lamington Cake!
Brazil Pao de queijo+ Last year’s FAVORITE.
Brazil Cocada+ Not quite as favorite, but still awesome.
Brazil Frozen capririnha I hear good things.
Canada Cheddar cheese soup- Awfully expensive but it’s a classic I’ve never had.
China Roasted duck in a steamed bun ANYTHING in a steamed bun.
China Happy Lychee- Cognac AND vodka, you say?
Chew Labs Chocolate almond truffle Apparently it’s liquid nitro.
Craft Brews Grateful Pumpkin beer
Craft Brews Vanilla espresso porter
Desserts & Champagne Champagne+ This year’s dessert set looks disappointing.
Dominican Republic Souffle de yucca I dunno, but it’s got griddled cheese on it.
Farm Fresh Loaded mac and cheese
Farm Fresh Cider flight
France Croissant aux escargot
Germany Bratwurst in a pretzel roll+ ANYTHING in a pretzel roll.
Germany Reisling flight
Greece Tzaziki martini- As I said last year: …what?
Hawaii Pineapple wine-
Ireland Warm chocolate pudding-
Ireland Honey wine
Japan Spicy hand roll+
Japan Sake
Mexico Sweet corn cheesecake+
Poland Hungarian wine- Still don’t get it, but I’m Hungarian!
Scotland Tipsy Laird Cake and whiskey!
Scotland Potato pancake with salmon+
Scotland Seared sea scallop Reviews are good, so…
South Korea Banana milkshake With ginger…?
South Korea iCing grapefruit sparkling rice brew+
South Korea Raspberry wine

Clearly this year’s Wine & Dine Half weekend is going to be THE BEST. Who’s with me? What are you excited to eat?!

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