The Fairest Week In Review: 7/16

Mickey running

JENN: Did you finally get to run for real last week?!

MOON: YES!!! Like, FIVE! While going a month without running was saaaaad, at least I know I truly love to run. Or, at least, that’s what I’m telling myself. Glass half full.

JENN: Yay! Are you running around your new neighborhood or hitting my friend the treadmill?

MOON: Your good friend the treadmill.

JENN: Awww. Always there for us, the treadmill is.

Running shoes
Best friends.

MOON: I have gone for a few walks with my umbrella, but I find that I often run into things/people, so I figure it’s best to not run with the umbrella. >_>

JENN: That would be some impressive work.

MOON: Yes, the treadmill does not judge us. Nor does it give us unsightly tans.

JENN: Since the main complaint about the treadmill is the lack of scenery, maybe we just need a film projector behind us making it look like we’re moving like in old movies.

MOON: Ah, but I have a view of a Marriott Hotel and Camden Yards! Although, I do feel weird about people looking at me through the window running. It feels terribly unnatural.

JENN: Ooh, Camden Yards sounds fun!

MOON: Well, it’s mostly just the outside, haha. Would be too good to have a free view of all the games, right?

JENN: I’m pretty sure they’d price the likes of us out of the rent at that point.

MOON: How was your running week?

JENN: Just normal boring runs last week. The only notable thing was that I tried to go for a barefoot walk and blistered my feet. I don’t understand how anyone could possibly run barefoot if I can’t get through a mere walk that way (more on this next week).

MOON: I can do it, but I find it uncomfortable. Although, I’m sure if you had the luxury of sand-running all year-round, I can see it being good for you. Otherwise, it’s just like that first work-out after taking a looooooong break.

JENN: Meh, I shall abstain. Anyway, here’s the roundup! (Horribly truncated because I was at the beach, but next week’s will be better!)

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