The Fairest Week In Review: 10/07

Kuzco rain

JENN: I’m gonna go make some tea; you tell me how your week in running has been.

MOON: It’s been rather uneventful. Last week was the gloomiest week in recent history. They were handing out sand bags because of the hurricane. o_O I thought about investing in a boat, even.

JENN: I hear running the track on cruise ships is good fun. Depending on how entrepreneurial you were planning on being with this purchase.

MOON: Ha, I’m not sure I can go that deep. I was thinking a kayak or something. Should Pratt St. go under.

Like this, only not in WDW, so WAY less awesome.

JENN: I guess all that rain would preclude running for those of use who are boatless. But wait, you have a treadmill now, right?

MOON: Oh, I do. I’m just stating the gloom in general. Even when I’m in the UK it’s not as gloomy and wet as it was last week.

JENN: Should be nicer next week, though! Running plans?

MOON: Hopefully straight through the city. 🙂 How was your week?

JENN: Eh, okay. Last week was largely about 20 Miler recovery – kinda slow with some replacement walks.

Looking ahead, I bought some new sneakers in BOTH styles this week so I plan to test them out on my final 13 miler before the Marine Corps Marathon.

MOON: My goodness. That is a full schedule. And new sneakers is awesome! What did you go with?

JENN: I got one of my pair of my current Nikes and one pair of my old standby Brooks Ravenna 6s; I’m thinking the former are for shorter runs and the latter are for longer.

MOON: Interesting. What do you find you need more in longer runs that the Nikes don’t provide?

JENN: Cushioning and support – my 20 Miler last week was pretty cruddy.

But never fear, we now turn our attention to better things: the roundup!

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– Get used to lots of Disney food coverage while Epcot’s Food & Wine Festival is going on! This week we’ve got reports from On the Go in MCO and easyWDW, plus a bonus Disney mixology post from Capturing Magical Memories.

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