The Fairest Week In Review: 3/09


Yay! I’m so glad you’re here! 😁

MOON: Me too! How are you?

JENN: Not too shabby! How’s your running thing been going in these many months?

MOON: Average. Nothing too great, certainly nothing special. But, I’m sure yours is going quite well.

JENN: Pretty decent! I’ve been slowly upping my mileage.

The weather’s been so nice this week that yesterday I did a long run outside. First one of the year – I forgot how freaking HARD it is compared to treadmill! Races are never as rough for some reason.

Not that my running route is THAT hilly, but it has definite inclines and terrain changes and my muscles are all like WTF??? Even downhill requires a shift in muscle use. I suppose it would help if I sometimes changed the treadmill incline, but… NO.

Here I sum up my feelings on the matter.

MOON: I actually can’t get my treadmill to incline, I don’t know what that’s all about. And yes, downhill seems to always take me by surprise. But this is the girl who literally climbed a mountain for about 7 hours and then fell on the way down.

JENN: Wait, do you have your own treadmill like IN YOUR APARTMENT?!

MOON: No, in the building.

JENN: Ah, I see. I was gonna be like HOW COULD YOU NOT TELL ME???

MOON: Well, you’ve never been here, but my apartment is tiny. It was a big deal moving a kitten in here.

JENN: Yeah, I haven’t seen this one. We’ll have to do a sleepover!

MOON: We DO have an air mattress.

JENN: Got any races on the horizon?

MOON: Nope. Match day approaches.

JENN: Ohhh, right. Well, once you know where you’re moving to, you should pick a good local race. Maybe I can visit and we can do it together!

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