Kings Dominion

In Which Elizabeth Recaps The Kings Dominion Run & Ride 5K

Please welcome my partner in crime, roller coasters, and life plans, Elizabeth, for a recap of the Kings Dominion Run & Ride 5K! Click here for my recap of the 10K on the same day. So, I think I may have gone to King’s Dominion once long ago as a child, but I had no real memory of it, so this was a good opportunity for me to try out all of their roller coasters (and other rides, of course). It was a bit chilly (I think somewhere in the 50’s) that morning, but it was really a good...

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In Which Jenn Recaps The ZOOMA Annapolis Half Marathon

How was the ZOOMA Annapolis Half Marathon? To quote myself that one time: HILLLLLS. (But not THAT bad. Nothing ever will be.) I was very graciously hosted for this race by Elizabeth, an Annapolis resident, who picked up my packet for me so I didn’t have to brave the Friday Beltway during rush hour, fed me, put me to bed, and let me set an extra alarm for race morning because I am still paranoid post-MCM. The close proximity also allowed me to sleep an extra 45 minutes, and even then I arrived at the race start at Navy-Marine...

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Doctor Who run

The Fairest Week In Review: 6/02

It’s ZOOMA Annapolis Half Marathon week! Yup, it all goes down this Saturday. As I’ve mentioned, I’ll be crashing with Elizabeth, a native Annap…olean? Annapolite? A person who lives in Annapolis. She also gave me some insight on the course: Looks like you’ll be running past the Naval Academy and St. John’s College, which both have nice campuses (St. John’s is weirdly reminiscent of Washington College with the brick walkways, etc.), and you’ll go past some government buildings like the Court of Appeals building and DNR. The Severn River Bridge is the bane of my existence when I try...

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In Which Jenn Reviews Another Influenster Vox Box

Hey, remember that time I got an Influenster Vox Box? I guess they value truthiness after all – I got another for review. More unbridled honesty ahead! Orgain Organic Protein Powder in Vanilla Bean Despite the surprising popularity of this tropical smoothie recipe post, I haven’t been smoothie-ing it up much lately. For a long time smoothies were a backbone of my diet, but I’ve been concentrating on eating more varied meals. That being said, I broke out a peanut butter-banana smoothie recipe courtesy of the interwebs, replaced the recommended Greek yogurt with Orgain protein powder, and slurped away....

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