In Which Elizabeth Recaps The Kings Dominion Run & Ride 5K

Kings Dominion

Please welcome my partner in crime, roller coasters, and life plans, Elizabeth, for a recap of the Kings Dominion Run & Ride 5K! Click here for my recap of the 10K on the same day.

So, I think I may have gone to King’s Dominion once long ago as a child, but I had no real memory of it, so this was a good opportunity for me to try out all of their roller coasters (and other rides, of course). It was a bit chilly (I think somewhere in the 50’s) that morning, but it was really a good temperature for running jogging. The 5K course overlapped with the 10K (correct me if I’m wrong, but I think the 10K was just a double-loop of what we did?), so I had the amusing experience of seeing signs telling me that I had gone 6 miles! I’m much faster than I thought.

The best part was going through the Dinosaurs Alive! Trail, which you normally have to pay extra to go through. It includes animatronic dinosaurs that you can control with little consoles, which I saw some kids stopping their run to play with (I don’t blame them!). I don’t think it would be worth paying extra to go unless you have kids that are into dinosaurs, but it was definitely neat to see. Also that part of the course was more shaded than the rest, which was nice when it rained on us for about five minutes.

My time was I think about 42 minutes…which is better than I normally do, but according to Jenn’s watch the course was actually a bit short, so who knows. The after-race snacks included bagels with cream cheese and drinks, though I could have used something warm…or maybe that was just the fact that it was still surprisingly cold. At any rate, we were able to park close enough that keeping our things in the car wasn’t terribly inconvenient. All in all it was a good time!

Kings Dominion Run & Ride 5K, 10K 

Thank you Elizabeth! You are a great and glorious creature and I will definitely be dragging you to more races. There is some runDisney in your future, I can see it…

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