The Fairest Week In Review: 6/09

Mickey running

I dunno, guys. I’m feeling a little bereft.

Not that I’m generally one to have a super-packed race schedule or anything, but as of this weekend I’ve knocked out all my races for the first half of the year. I don’t technically, actively have anything to train for until September. What do I do now???

Inigo Montoya
I am considering piracy.

This certainly doesn’t give me license to slack off on training. Those races in September include a 20 miler and a full marathon, so I need to use this time to build up my mileage slowly and wisely. And I will. But without anything to dangle the more immediate carrot I’m going to need to get a bit creative motivating myself.

One thing I plan to do is get myself a sneaker fitting. Yes, AGAIN. I’m not sure I’ve found my perfect match just yet. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Ravennas and I still think they were instrumental in keeping me from exacerbating any injuries during last year’s fall/winter race season. But the Nike Vomeros fit sooooo nicely. They feel good in a way the Ravennas don’t quite.

So I’m gonna carve out some time this summer to go sneaker hunting. Right now I have the following on my list to try out: the new Ravenna and Vomero models, Brooks Launch and Ghost. Any other suggestions out there for a weirdo with one support foot and one neutral foot?

While I ponder my options, please ponder this roundup.

Darlin’ Rae explains how the host city can make all the difference in your race.
Running, Loving, Living discusses how to cope with injuries.
The Disney Tourist Blog considers the options when planning when to go to WDW.
Disney In Your Day attends the new Star Wars Fireworks Dessert Party in the Studios.
– Speaking of the Studios, Mouse on the Mind may be moving in.
The Disney Blog thinks Disney should maybe build near D.C. or something and I’m like HELL YES.
WDW for Grownups lists some of WDW’s more excellent chocolatey snacks.
Living A Disney Life dives into the history of those recently erstwhile Disney Dollars.

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  1. I still need to figure out my shoe situation too. The problem is, I'm kind of financial tapped out at the moment, so buying multiple pairs to try isn't really an option. I hope you find a good solution!

  2. Do you have a Sports Authority near you? They're all going out of business, and I've been unashamedly vulturing the one near me on a weekly basis, waiting for the deep discounts to kick in on running shoes. That's my #1 hope for trying a bunch of stuff right now!

  3. I haven't found the perfect shoe yet either. I have the Brooks launch right now and really like them, except they give me a blister in one small spot where I've never had that issue with any other shoe. So still trying to make them work.

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