The Fairest Week In Review: 1/19

WDW Marathon

I love being a runner. Sometimes I even love running. I love feeling that I’m keeping my body in good shape. I love races. I love feeling accomplished.

But I gotta say, that week after a marathon where I don’t have to run at all is pretty awesome. So much time! So much sleep!

Segue into this, oh, ever so impressive workout log from last week:

Sunday | The WDW Marathon, plus my phone thinks I walked another 12ish miles around WDW/to-from start/etc.
Soooo happy.

Monday | walked around WDW; according to my phone, 11.7 miles

Tuesday | 60 minute ballet class
Actually the class was a bit longer than that but I didn’t do any of the jumping. Peroneal tendons still sore and all.

Wednesday | walked 3.03 miles outside in 50 minutes

Thursday | walked 2.01 miles outside in 35 minutes; 60 minute ballet class
Ditto on that no-jumping thing. Long live Injury-Free Winter!

Friday | rest

Saturday | rest

And then we go right back into running again this week. It was nice while it lasted.

I am also happy to report that as of last week, Pat is officially coming with me to WDW in April for the Dark Side Half! Yay!!! More on this later, of course (plus more resort reservation shenanigans), but I wanted to share my excitement because YAY!!!

Anyway. Roundup:

The Runner’s Guide to WDW has advice for runDisney spectators.
Disney In Your Day ran the WDW Marathon too!
WDW for Grownups lists the WDW restaurants you MUST hit in 2017.
easyWDW continues the yeoman’s work of reviewing ALL festival food items.
EPBOT points out that said festival is way into Figment. Now I’m extra bummed I’m missing it!
The Disney Tourist Blog is deeply suspicious of Disneyland’s new FastPass offering. ME TOO.
The Main Street Gazette wants WDW’s night parade back. ME TOO.
An Open Suitcase takes a peek inside the elusive Cinderella Castle Suite.

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