The Fairest Week In Review: 1/10

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I’m back from the marathon. It was AMAZING. I’m still riding the trailing current of my runner’s high and I can’t wait to sign up for Wine & Dine! Current WDW withdrawal level: medium.

But more about that later this week. I’m also still riding the trailing current of marathon-induced sleep deprivation, so let’s just jump right into the workout log.

Pictured: me.

Sunday | rest
Like much of the holiday season, a tentatively planned run didn’t happen. But my priorities lay elsewhere. What can ya do.

Monday | ran 7.24 miles on the treadmill in 1:15
Starting off the new year with a run! Still way too cold to do it outside.

Tuesday | walked 2.1 miles on the treadmill in 35 minutes; 60 minute ballet class
In fact, much too cold to walk outside. I crammed trips to the gym on my lunch break all week instead.

Wednesday | ran 5.25 miles on the treadmill in 60 minutes
Easy-breezy final pre-marathon run.

Thursday | walked 2.1 miles on the treadmill in 35 minutes; 60 minute ballet class

Friday | walked 2.1 miles on the treadmill in 35 minutes 

Saturday | walked 5.7 miles around WDW according to my phone
More on that to come, of course!

And then the roundup:

– Let’s all pretend we’re at the Wilderness Lodge watching the fire with Passport to Dreams Old & New.
– Disney Adulting hunts down some of Epcot’s beers in the wilds of real life.
– The Main Street Gazette checks out some of the art hiding in plain sight in Harambe.
– Battle the chill with the Le Cellier cheddar cheese soup recipe provided by Disney In Your Day.
– Disney Travel Babble presents a comprehensive guide to Disney weddings.
– easyWDW correctly gives Sanaa a glowing review.

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