In Which Jenn Is Whooshing Off To The WDW Marathon

Figment and Dreamfinder

Oh, WDW Marathon, my one true love. I could never quit you. I’m a fool any time I delay registering for you – I should know by now I’ll come running back at the last minute.

Yes, it’s time once again for my favorite race of the year! I’m doing a whirlwind weekend a la 2016 – I’m flying down Saturday, picking up my bib, going to bed, getting up and running the marathon, and then flying home Sunday night.

It’ll be quick and dirty with no park time outside of the race itself. But that doesn’t mean I don’t have a trip bucket list! Observe:

  • Get a chair massage at the Senses Spa outpost if they’re at the expo again

  • Buy that marathon jacket I cruelly deprived myself of last year

  • Carb up and hydrate courtesy of gallons of herbal tea and a million tiny sandwiches at afternoon tea in the Grand Floridian’s Garden View Lounge

  • Check out the Disney Springs after party

  • Investigate some DS restaurants and bars, including maybe The Edison?

  • Pick up an ear hat for Pat’s youngest niece

Hardly a lengthy list but I’ll happily take any amount of time at WDW, y’know?

As for the race itself, it’s looking like the temperature might be pretty good for marathoning. As of this writing the predicted high is 67, with a low of 55 and some cloud cover. Chilly for Florida, but a helluva lot better than the temperatures in the 20s and teens I’ve been seeing here in Maryland – and better than it was last year, for that matter. But we’ll see how the predication change closer in.

Anyway, it’s time to add marathon #9 to my bib collection. Say hi if you see me – I’ll be the one in the Figment ears! 

Figment ears 

Are you running the WDW Marathon?

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  1. Probably good that you're leaving Saturday – hopefully the snow doesn't interfere with any plans! I know some people flying down for it today and their flights were cancelled 🙁

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