The Fairest Week In Review: 1/03


Double-wide workout log since I skipped last week. Let’s leap right in!

Sunday, December 17 | ran 11.08 miles outside in 1:50
I know I’ve said exactly this before, but: either I’m getting faster or my GPS watch is broken. The fact that it’s freezing outside probably helps…

Monday, December 18 | walked 2.46 miles outside in 40 minutes; 60 minute ballet class
Of course, the cold makes walks exponentially worse. 

Tuesday, December 19 | ran 5.28 miles outside in 55 minutes

Wednesday, December 20 | ran 5.29 miles outside in 55 minutes

Thursday, December 21 | walked 2.09 miles outside in 35 minutes

Friday, December 22 | ran 5.31 miles outside in 55 minutes

Saturday, December 23 | rest

Sunday, December 24 | rest
I had tentatively planned to go for a short run but it was cold and my parents were coming over for Christmas Eve and mostly it was cold. I miss my old walking-distance gym. :/ 

Monday, December 25 | rest

Tuesday, December 26 | ran 3.03 miles outside in 30 minutes
My birrrrrrthdaaaaaaaaaay

Wednesday, December 27 | ran 3.08 miles outside in 30 minutes
The second in The Four Days of 5ks streak I invented for myself.

Thursday, December 28 | ran 3.13 miles outside in 30 minutes
And each day was colder than the last. 

Friday, December 29 | ran 3.11 miles outside in 30 minutes
But I did it! Bam!

Saturday, December 30 | rest

And there you have it. Ahead: more of the same, in that it is VERY VERY COLD and I hate it. 🙁 Except not so much more the same, because I’m in the middle of taper town for the WDW Marathon this weekend! YAY!!!!

Let’s roundup:

– Just Me & My Running Shoes assembles four days of race costumes for the Dopey Challenge.
– Sparkly Runner offers some last minute tips for this weekend’s runDisney races.
– Disney In Your Day visits AbracadaBAR at Disney’s Boardwalk and I am intrigued.
– easyWDW offers a comprehensive tour of One Man’s Dream or whatever you want to call it now.
– The Main Street Gazette considers WDW’s fate in 2018.
– The Disney Tourist Blog compiles a list of free stuff you can get on a Disney cruise.

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  1. Short runs, time off to run in the sunshine, and a desire to avoid driving to the gym, mostly. But I did the treadmill this morning – 12 degrees in the dark is a firm NO THANK YOU!

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