In Which Jenn Has A Race Schedule This Year

Dr. Horrible plan

You might recall that last year I decided to basically wing my race schedule because I wasn’t sure how my life might change over the course of the year. Well, I winged my race schedule as planned… but nothing changed.

This runs counter to my wishes. So: you know the old saying that if you want make God laugh, make a plan? Yeah. Here’s my tentative race schedule. YOUR MOVE, GOD.

Wrightsville Beach Marathon, March 17 (already registered)
Allegedly fast and flat, and since my parents have a house down there I can make my dad drive me to the start. Score!

George Washington Parkway Classic, April 22 (already registered)
10 Miler. Local. Gonna drag Sarah along with me.

ZOOMA Annapolis Half, June 2 OR Run ‘n Ride Kings Dominion Half, June 3
I think ZOOMA might be rebranding? I got an email about a different Annapolis half on the same day; I’m still sussing that out. I guess I could do both but each require varying lengths of driving and I’m not sure I feel like juggling all that travel.

TENTATIVE: Tessitura Network 5K?
If I go to the conference this year. I didn’t last year but this year is at the Swolphin so my fingers are permanently crossed.

Parks Half Marathon, September 9 
Plus a four mile run home, duh.

Marine Corps Marathon, October 28 OR Baltimore Marathon, October 20
If I don’t make the MCM lottery I’ll sign up for Baltimore. I’m planning to do a comparison post at some point since I’ve now done both.

Wine & Dine Half Marathon, November 5

Bethesda Turkey Chase 10K, November 22
Eh, what the hell. Gotta love a race you can walk to AND walk home.

Busch Gardens Williamsburg Christmastown Dash 8K, December 2 (probably – based on last year’s date)
I’ve always wanted to run this race but something always gets in the way. Let this be my year!

Got any other suggestions for races I should be running? General DC area for preference, or somewhere within a couple hours’ drive? I’m currently on the hunt for a half or similar in late February and early October…

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