In Which Jenn Is Winging Her Race Schedule

Parks and Rec uncertain

SURPRISE! I’m running a half marathon this Saturday!

“Dammit, Jenn,” you say, because you are emotionally invested in my life, plans, and overall well-being, “why didn’t I KNOW that?? Haven’t you usually posted your race schedule on the blog by now???”

Well, sure, normally I have. But thanks to my new policy of not committing to races earlier than I feel comfortable, my current race schedule is largely… winging it.

That and some scheduling conflicts equates a race schedule that presently includes exactly two races: the ZOOMA Annapolis Half on Saturday and the Parks Half in September (which is a little far out for my aforementioned policy but the price increase was about to hit so I figured what the hell).

The Run & Ride at Kings Dominion, now a half, was a possibility, but it’s the day after ZOOMA and given the travel time involved I decided not to go for the double-header. I also had my eye on the Navy-Air Force Half again and this year’s National Capital 20 Miler, but both of those races fall during my Outer Banks vacation this year. And if I decide to try to pick up a 2017 Marine Corps Marathon bib, the transfer period doesn’t open until mid-July.

Here comes the truly tragic part: I’m not signed up for any runDisney races right now. I AM NOT OKAY. But I’m also not ready to take on the travel and expense until I’m sure I can swing it. I am thisclose to impulse-buying a WDW Marathon bib again, but…

In the meantime, there’s a half in Hershey in October that I’m considering, and I think there’s one at Busch Gardens Williamsburg in December, too. Or maybe it’s a 10K or something? Either way.

Other than that I’m really not sure. Got any suggestions? General DC area for preference?

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  1. Hehe, I pretty much posted the same sort of "I'm not committing to ANYTHING right now, but I'm casually browsing all the races I want to do the rest of the year" kind of thing today. With how busy I am, it just doesn't make sense to register for stuff too far in advance.

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