The Fairest Week In Review: 3/14

Snow White pie

I had planned to begin this post with a joyous “I’M REGISTERED FOR WINE & DINE!!!” but alas, it is not to be – if you haven’t already heard, registration has been delayed. Unknown as to why, but supposedly more information will be released later this week. In my heart of hearts, I want it to be because they’re changing it back into a night race… but I doubt it. All I can do is keep an eye out for the new registration date. Happy Pi Day or whatever.

Week in review!

Sunday | ran 9.21 miles outside in 1:35
And I was exhausted afterward. No idea why. Low level cold, maybe? I did plow my way through several sneezing fits.

Monday | walked 2.12 miles outside in 35 minutes; 60 minute ballet class

Tuesday | ran 5.28 miles outside in 55 minutes

Wednesday | ran 5.22 miles outside in 55 minutes 

Thursday | walked 2.01 miles outside in 55 minutes; 60 minute ballet class
I was frickin’ FREEZING during my walk. Whatever happened to March coming in like a lamb?

Friday | ran 5.3 miles outside in 55 minutes

Saturday | rest
Running around DC with my girl Moon! Why? For her bachelorette party, of course! We went to Kramer Books and had dinner at a pretty sweet restaurant complete with a champagne toast and awww, remember when Moon and I used to blog together? Good times, good times.

My bestie!


– Fairytales & Fitness struggles to trust GPS watch data. (I can relate.)
– Living A Disney Life offers tips for running Disney for the knocked up among us. (I cannot relate but maybe you can?)
– WDW for Grownups can help you survive the insanity that is spring break at WDW.
– This Fairy Tale Life performs a thorough investigation of DCA’s Food & Wine Festival.
– Disney In Your Day has a lunch at AKL’s Sanaa because Sanaa is AWESOME.
– The Main Street Gazette enjoys a meal at the Brown Derby Lounge. One of my favorites!
– EPBOT eats lunch in Pandora.

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