In Which Jenn Has A Secret Running Admirer Maybe? (But Probably Not)

Bambi bunny

One day, on an otherwise very routine run, I realized that my sidewalk was speaking to me.

Secret messages dotted the pavement as I ran past. Well, maybe not “secret” as such, as they were written in brightly colored chalk. But still, it was unexpected to suddenly find a cheering section beneath my feet. 

Arrows pointed my way first. On my way out they seemed to be encouraging me to turn around, but once I headed home they were totally on my side. 


Indeed, I was shortly reassured that I was definitely heading in the right direction.


As I headed up the biggest, steeped hill on my route, the path had some sage advice for me.

Running trail dig deep

 And you’re just going to have to trust me when I say I was told that I was “almost there,” because when I went back to get a better photograph it had sadly worn away. (Taking pictures of the ground while actively running is surprisingly hard, guys). 

Running trail arrow

 Here and there the ground also declared “Ytri.” The name of a person, my messenger, perhaps? The meme-ified thoughts of a person who would rather not be running after all? It is a great mystery!

Although it is also a clue. After some thought it occurred to me the most likely explanation was that the local YMCA hosted a practice triathlon. But I refuse to look it up. As long as I don’t know for sure, I can pretend that the sidewalk messages were special for me.

Have you ever encountered intriguing messages on your running trail?

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