The Fairest Week In Review: 8/15

Grapefruit Mickey

I’ve been eating watermelon in my work lunches, officially because it’s hydrating but mostly because it’s delicious. Those big hunks are kind hard to pack, though, so I indulged in a box of Mickey freezer bags and I gotta say, it really cheers me up.

Mickey watermelon

Speaking of nutrition and fitness, let’s check out the workout log!

Sunday | ran 10.11 miles outside in 1:45
This was hot and humid and rough but any run you get off of is a good run, right? Or is that flights?


Monday | walked 2.13 miles outside in 35 minutes; 45 minute ballet class

Tuesday | ran 5.38 miles outside in 35 minutes
I might be falling in love with these Under Armour Hovr Sonic running shoes… more on that in a bit.

Wednesday | walked 2.11 miles outside in 35 minutes; 50 hip hop dance class
This time it was actually hip hop dance instead of a glorified workout. I was very very awkward. >.>

Thursday | ran 5.29 miles outside in 55 minutes; ab and arm workout with Pat
Oh God. Pat had me do this exercise where you sit on the ground with your legs in a gentle straddle… and then you lift them into the air. MY HAMSTRINGS ARE STILL UPSET.

Friday | ran 5.23 miles outside in 55 minutes

Saturday | ab and arm workout with Pat


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