The Fairest Week In Review: 12/05

Dug from UP

I’ve spent a lot of time in my most recent weekly recaps complaining about how a) I do not live at Walt Disney World and b) how where I do live is COLD right now. None of this has changed and I am still angry about it.

BUT! In the spirit of the Christmas season I thought it might be interesting to experiment with being, you know, kinda sorta a little positive sometimes maybe? So here is a thing I do currently like: seeing dogs on my run. All dogs are good but sometimes they see you running and they’re like oh are we running ooooh!!!! and then they try to run and their owners don’t let them but I know that for the moment my dog friend and I are simpatico.

Here are some of the runs on which I sometimes saw dogs:

Sunday | ran 10.08 miles outside in 1:45

Monday | walked 2.39 miles outside in 40 minutes; 55 minute ballet class

Tuesday | ran 5.29 miles outside in 55 minutes
My GPS watch started acting all wacky on this run, clocking sloooooooooow miles and then a weirdly quick one. Subsequent runs were less weird but still didn’t feel quite right. I’m hoping the next update will make things a little more consistent.

Wednesday | ran 5.19 miles outside in 55 minutes

Thursday | walked 2.02 miles outside in 35 minutes; 55 minute ballet class

Friday | ran 5.07 miles outside in 55 minutes

Saturday | rest
We ran a fair number of errands, though, including getting our Christmas tree! Yay!!!

Enjoy some more feels from the roundup (or not; I’m not THAT curatorial):

– Disney Adulting gets your Christmas list going with stocking stuffers.
– Disney In Your Day plans your Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party experience for you.
– Disney Travel Babble painstakingly assembles a Disneyland Christmas playlist.
– The Main Street Gazette ferrets out more DAK details.
– Living A Disney Life goes big with DCL concierge.
– Kait Around The Kingdom shares some interesting info on each state’s favorite Disney princess.

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